Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Not much is happening right now.
School is ending next week, and I can't wait for the summer. I know I keep saying it, but how exciting is it to be going to my first summer intensive away from home is? School is kind of pointless these days since we're just doing exam review, and I don't have to take any of them.

Yesterday, I almost passed out in my biology class. We were doing a lab involving the disection of a fetal pig. I know that they died naturally, but still, I'm vegetarian for a reason. To think that those baby pigs were once alive, and now we're cutting into them. I was going to opt-out, but I thought I could tough it out. I did okay up until we had to crack the jaw, and from that point on, I could hardly look at it...
even just typing this sends chills down my spine.
I had to sit down because I was feeling so lightheaded. But I'm going to try again today, and if I can't handle it, then I'm just going to leave for good.
This one kid actually passed out, and it's funny because he's the class clown. My teacher thought the poor kid was kidding around because we all looked over and he was on the floor! But then he got up looking all pale and in a cold sweat. It was pretty crazy, because of out of all the people in our class, the class clown and guy that was really excited for this lab, passes out...

Well, I'll try not to pass out today. But if I don't update for a couple of days, then you'll know why...


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