Thursday, May 14, 2009

stay gold.

This is why I need my own studio. I have my own time, my own feet, my own moves, my own visions, my own feelings, my own just feels good to call this all my own. And I just want a studio at my side all the time.

School's practically over next week because we have our state standardized testing deal to do. And then after that is exam review which doesn't really apply to me since I'm exempt from majority of them. Then, school's over! It's so exciting because that means it's so much closer to Richmond Summer Intensive! It's going to be so exciting, and I just can't wait to get to do so much dancing for 5 weeks. But I won't lie...I'm starting to worry that I'll miss you. Terribly. Now that we're getting "close"...never mind. I'm speaking poppy-cock.

Today, just sneaking out to meet you today made me feel like you wanted to be with me. It's a good feeling, and I wish that you would just go for it because I know you want to. I'm not being cocky or anything, but I know you want at least a part of me. Ironically, all of me wants all of you. Just please find that part of me that you want so badly and make it yours. I think it would make both of us very happy. And I'm not exaggerating.

I finally came up with some new choreography, and this one is for Chels. She's going to start chemo on Sunday, and I still can't believe this is happening. But it is. This dance is dedicated to her because she inspires me every single moment, and I just know that no matter how tiring this journey is going to be from this point on, you'll still have that passion, that love, for dance.



-Cheyanne. said...

It's amazing, your support for your friend through dance.

I'm impressed with the choreography, even though I know nothing about dance. It was beautiful all the same. (:

bria ballerina said...

Thank you. I came up with this dance in an hour and a half. It seemed longer than that because I took a few breaks to wipe off the tears, but it was still a great process nonetheless.


marcella . said...

i love that song :) the dance was cool, haha i don't know that much about dance..