Monday, May 11, 2009

this is our destiny.

I'd like to believe that we choose our own destinies, but sometimes things happen that make me think otherwise...It's just not fair when something so bad happens to someone you care about.
Yes, dear, I'm talking about you. Us.

My dear friend, Chels, has been diagnosed with lung cancer. She's always told me that I'm a beautiful person and a fearless dancer that has inspired her everyday life, but right now I feel like she's inspiring more than I am. She's not afraid to laugh at how much life is going to change for her from this point on, and she's still ready to wake up everyday and dance her heart out.
This is inspiration.
But knowing that I'm still helping her everyday by just being there and being me is all I could ever ask for.

I'm trying not to cry because I know that everything is going to be alright...

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chels_fearless said...

bria...this made me cry. more than made me bust into tears. i thank you. your support to this point...has blessed me. im so blessed...with your amazing words, your actions..and just you. you are an amazing girl who is gonna grow up to be that IT girl. dont let anyone break you down. your strong, powerful...and dare i say....FEARLESS.