Saturday, May 30, 2009

those things.

There are just those things in your life that continue to inspire you. I have so many of "those things" in my life. Sometimes it's hard to choose which ones are going to influence my life more than the rest, but these days that decision seems to just get easier and easier. Those things just make me love myself and make me feel like I can do anything. Everyone should feel like this every once and a while, if not all the time. And I hope that someday I’m that person that inspires another and makes them feel like this.
Here’s the deal, I’m going to list 50 things and people that inspire me, and I’d like to see your list.

1. my family

2. SVB company
3. Pedro Szalay
4. Keltie Colleen
5. my friends
6. Jordan-Elizabeth Long
7. acoustic music
8. sunny days
9. rainy days
10. Sylvie Guillem
11. vintage things
12. taking walks
13. hot cups of tea
14. my dog
15. dreams
16. song lyrics
17. poems
19. Chels
20. traveling
21. meeting new people
22. jokes
23. movies
24. Audrey Hepburn
25. John Lennon
26. Paul McCartney
27. Ringo Starr
28. George Harrison
29. The Radio City Rockettes
30. 11:11
31. the ocean
32. clear skies
33. Dylan Summers
34. paintings
35. fruits
36. crocheting
37. Mr. Gentleman and his lads
38. happy experiences
39. sad experiences
40. having my heart broken
41. having my heart mended
42. being in love
43. seeing love
44. beautiful landscapes
45. amazing choreography
46. the stage
47. cameras
48. tutus
49. you
50. hopes and wishes

There are so many more things that inspire me, and I'm still discovering more! Last night, I felt extremely inspired (or heartbroken, I couldn't tell), but I started some new choreography. Even though I wasn't in the studio, I cleared a huge space in my room to dance. I put on my little shorts and little cami and started dancing. I was almost done, but then I started getting a headache. I have a question: is there such thing as expressing too much emotion when I dance? I think I did last night to the point where I gave myself a headache. I guess I can't cry, be sick, and dance all at the same time. I'm hopefully going to get a video to you soon, but of course it won't be in the studio. It will be in my room (which is still painted as a boy's room, so don't laugh when I post the vid).
I feel good about this dance I'm creating. I think it's because it's for you, and maybe you'll realize it when you watch it...


PS. Here's one more person that inspires me!! I love this dance and her choreography. She is Karen Chuang.


Tessa Bourque said...

This is probably going to sound sooo strange, but I'm a big fan of Keltie Colleen, and Ive noticed that you are too - what with all the commenting you do on her blog. So I checked out your blog a while ago and keep comming back to it and just checking up on it - yes, I'm stalking you =P
So tonight I decided to start following you.
I've wanted to dance for a while now, but my family isn't the richest, and I have five siblings that my parents have to support as well, so I have never taken dance classes.
Next year I was thinking or starting, because I finally got an alright job, but I'm 15 now, and I think it might be too late.
And I know lots of people will tell me "It's never too late", but I have to know, Is it really REALLY too late??
I know I don't really know you, and you obviously dont know me, but Ive seen some of your vids on youtube, and you can dance!
I just really want someone's honest opinion.



bria ballerina said...

First of all, thank you very much for following me and watching my videos on YouTube. Being a fan of Keltie is such a strange thing because it's connected me with so many new people, and it's very exciting. So, it's very nice to meet you, Tess.

Everyone that has told you that "it's never too late" is right. You know, Ben Susak, the guy that Keltie has been posting about on her blog, he didn't start dancing until about 2 or 3 years before going on SYTYCD. And look at how amazing he is. As long as you want it, you really should go for it.
But dance is a very good thing to start with no matter what age you are. If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask.