Wednesday, June 03, 2009

i just know it.

First day of summer vacation.
It was rad.
I spent all day scrapbooking and crafting. I've never had time to do so much fun!
I'm working on a special scrapbook for a very special friend...and it's still a surprise! So, shhh!
Then, I made a couple of super-duper cute clips with flowers! Here's one of them, and it's definitely my favourite one that I made. Isn't it so pretty? I'm running out of flowers, so I'm going to make a run to the craft store to pick some up. Maybe I'll even come up with a new craft idea!
I also made a "reinvent love" bracelet with some letter beads! It's cute and really simple. I wanted to make a "fearless" bracelet first, but I only had one "S"! And I didn't want to seem fearleSly stupid, ha!
At ballet class today, there were a couple of girls that I've never seen at the studio taking our class. One of them stood right next to me at the barre. She was tall, had long legs, and most of all extremely skinny. Not a good skinny though. And it was hard to bear watching those skinny legs tremble just by doing some simple pliƩs. In center, she was off balance. It was obvious that she didn't have the muscle to do any of the exercises in the center. It's so sad seeing something like that right in front of me. I would've said something if I had actually known her, but I don't. I just wish that someone in her life would take the time to sit down and talk to her about what's wrong, so she can have the chance to save her body.
So, tonight I watched SYTYCD, and I'm starting to get emotional with it just like the contestants that are on the show. It's such a weird thing, but I just think that dancers share this connection that normal people don't. We understand each other so easily, and we just empathize with each other. Tonight, when I saw some of those girls and guys go home, I couldn't help but cry along with them. I recognize passion and hardwork when I see it, and all those people want to be there maybe as bad as I do. I can't wait until I'm old enough to be on that show. I can't say that I'm going to make it immediately because the competition is stepping up every season, which makes me work so much harder! It's so exciting, and I just want to be a part of it all right now. I love the choreography, the chance to learn and perform different styles of dance, the reality of competition, and the greatest prize of all: making your dreams come true. That show opens doors for so many dancers, and I just think that even just auditioning for the show will make my dreams come true somehow. Keep your eyes on that show! Maybe you'll see my face on your TV screen in the near future...

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