Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Peepshow dreamin'!

Photo source: www.broadwayworld.com
I had the most fantastical and sexy dream last night! I had a dream that I was front row at Peepshow, ha! I'm positive that my dream wasn't even to the caliber of the real show since I haven't seen it...
but Mel B was doing her thing, and Keltie Colleen was just just werking that stage!! It was so amazing.
So here's the run through...

I walk into the theatre with my mother (lol), and then she ordered me a strawberry daiquiri! It was delicious of course. So, we made our way to the very front and right in front of the stage. Then the lights went low, and the show began! Mel B walked out on stage looking oh-so-fierce singing and dancing. So hawt. And of course I'm cheering like crazy. Then Keltie struts on stage in that adorable pink outfit with those stunning Miu Miu shoes. It was weird because I whispered, "Keltie...pssstt...Keltie!". She looks down and sees me, and then she smiles realllllyyy wide and keeps being Keltie. And I could tell she was kicking higher and shaking that booty harder because she knew I was there, ha!
...and in the middle of the show, my mother woke me up! FML.

What a dream! I was blown away already, and it wasn't even the real show! I think it was a sign that I'm meant to see this show, but I can't obviously since I'm not old enough...but it definitely means something. Keltie + Peepshow cast, you all need to werk it as if I was there! Ha!

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