Friday, June 05, 2009

you only love my legs.

I'm on my way to the Celtic Women concert! I feel so sexy in these Enzo Angiolinis. And I'm just wishing you'll somehow see me. But I'm getting closer to where I'll leave you, so there's no point...

Watching SYTYCD last night made me wonder if I'm really cut out for this. I was in tears pretty much the whole show, so how will I handle it when I try out for the show myself. But I think that's the whole thing. I'm already in the show emotionally without really being in it, so my soul is already attached to it. I want it so bad. I'll be working so hard for those judges, for the danceworld, and most importantly myself. You all will see me on that show in a couple of years. Keep your eyes open for me!

Pulling up to the venue, bye!

PS. Check out my girl, Katie Williams, in POINTE magazine! She's totally rocking ABT, and you all will love her!

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Start Something said...

Your legs are fierce, girrrllll.