Thursday, July 30, 2009

crazy, hazy, lazy day.

I woke up this morning thinking I was going to go to one of my last orthodontist appointments, but my ortho lied to me!! Ugh, the last time I went, they told me that I was going to have my braces off by the end of the summer. And my next appointment is in September!! I'm so mad that I'm going to be in them for another couple of months! I doubt I'm getting them off before my birthday, blech!

I then spent the morning trying to do some new choreography to Tori Amos's "That Guy". It went well for almost an hour, but then I got an awful migraine. I just had to lay down and cuddle with Bluey. I turned off all the lights and closed all the blinds, and we ended up falling asleep and snoring together.
I then woke up with a bunch of energy and decided to go on TwitCam for a bit. I was on for half an hour today! It was crazy, and I got some good questions finally!! I finally got to do a Q&A like I've always wanted to! It was fun, and I'd really like to do that again sometime. Either you guys let me know when you want to do it, or I'll just announce when I'm going on again!

I'm so glad to see that my two favourites (Brandon & Jeanine) made it to the finals!! I was so surprised to see Evan move on to the finals! I love Evan, but I thought that Ade and his six pirouettes would spin on into the finals! I'm just so surprised, but I'm even more anxious to see the finale and see who wins. Out of all the four finalists, I just can't decide which one...Who do you think will be the winner?

I discovered how much of an amazing guard dog Bluey is. Whenever I go upstairs, he sits at the bottom step until I come down. Bluey is always there for me. When someone brought up heartbreak today, I couldn't help but tear up a little bit (even if it was on camera). And Bluey was there for me, and he knew something was wrong and started licking me all over. I love my puppy more than anything!

I'm almost ready to ship these first few pointe shoes out! I have a ton more left, so just shoot me an e-mail if you're interested! The pair I'm wearing in this picture could be yours!!

PS. You don't have to watch all 30 mins. It's quite boring actually...haha

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

surprise, surprise!

I woke up this morning to the usual messy room and a stinky dog not expecting today to be a very productive day. I did my usual honey facial mask, and then started watching MTV. Then I remembered that I should get a move on the surprise I have for all of you!! I know that your excitement has been bottled up for so long (not really)!! But here it is!

I went on TwitCam today and had a few watchers (like 2, ha!), and I announced my big surprise.
And remember, at the time, this was live, so I was trying to answer tweets and stuff at the same time as trying to talk!

I really want to know what you guys think of my idea + e-mail me if you're interested.

I also want to know why this universe is being so good to me right now? I just had the best 5 weeks of my life, and now I'm home and still feeling like I'm on top of the world. When people send me things telling me that I inspire them as much as Keltie Colleen really blows me away. I'm left speechless and in tears. I don't know what I've done to make so many people look up to me already. Sure, it's one of my goals to be a rolemodel to young people and aspiring dancers, but I never knew that some things would come to me at such an early age. This past year has really been the making of me. I've had little girls come up to me after a show and tell me that I was their favourite to watch even though I was only a corps swan in Act II Swan Lake. I've had random people come up to me and tell me that it's really great to see an amazing short dancer. I am so proud of myself for being that person at such a young age, and I don't want to let anyone down. I'm working so hard for myself and what all I aspire to be, and you guys just make it all worth it.
I never count how many followers I have on this blog or how many followers I have on Twitter. I count all the lives I've changed, and so far, it's more than I could ever imagine.
My family and closest friends are what really made me feel like I can really do this, and I really want to thank all of you that have been supporting me this whole time and continue to support me. I can never thank Keltie Colleen for being the most rad, inspiring, and fearless dancer I know. She can argue all she wants, but to me, she is the best dancer I've ever seen.

So, thank you again for all the wonderful tears and kind words you have all said.
Follow your dreams and listen to your heart. Always.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This piece leaves me breathless.
&I am so afraid of falling in love.


PS. I'm throwing my new idea at you guys tomorrow!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

My idea will be coming in a few days, so please keep checking back here!! I really hope this new idea goes down because it will be super fun!!

reading + chores all day.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

party at the plaza + last day

Friday was the dress rehearsal for the performance. Honestly, it did not go very well. It was so nerve-racking having all the A+B students watching. But it was definitely a fun night. We had a little party over at the plaza celebrating our last night there. We had a couple of people that live in the city spend the evening with us. I have such good friends. We spent the night in the hot tub, running around the hotel, watching Centerstage (melting at the sight of Ethan Stiefel and Sascha Radetsky), and ordering pizza and Chinese food. It was such a fun night, and I wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way.
Then yesterday was the performance. We had a quick ballet warm up class with the D students, and then it was time to get ready. I took so many pictures, and we had a lot of fun warming up en pointe to rap music. I totally want to experiment with classical ballet dancing to rap music someday (new project much?). The first performance was not very good for me, and some of the other girls seemed to have agree with their own performances. But the 2nd performance went perfectly. I think it was a combination of the following:
+sexy Ukrainian ballet teacher winking at me
+sweet texts from a good friend
+me saying this: "Give me the courage to carry out each step fullout and fearless. Let my passion show while I dance so that the audience will have the full experience of my dancing. Finally, let my hardwork be recognized by every audience member. I have a fearless heart."

Saying that sort of "prayer" gave me the confidence and made me cool and collective right before I went onstage. And I nailed the 2nd performance. I don't think that it could've gone any better. Then it was time for goodbyes. It was so sad to say goodbye to the great friends I've made here knowing that I may never see them again. But I'm so glad that I've met them and that we went on the same journey together. After leaving the studios, I had a quick snack at Tropical Smoothie (yum!), then headed off to my godparents' house for a party. However, as soon as I laid down on a bed, I fell asleep, and I didn't wake up until 11 the next morning!! I missed my own party!! I was so exhausted!!

But this morning, my dad said, "Oh, I have something to give you..." He handed me an envelope with his name and our address on it. I opened it, and it was one of Keltie's mantra cuffs!! He said, "Instead of flowers, I got you that. And since you fell asleep last night..." I was so happy, I started crying! I hugged him so hard that I must've squeezed the guts out of him. I love it so much, and I really want to take some cool dancing pictures with it! Isn't that crazy how I said that weird little "prayer" with "courage.passion.hardwork" as my guideline + then my dad ends up handing me the cuff the next morning!?!?! I love the way the universe works.


PS. I love long car rides with my daddy + crazy little GPS + ice cream sundaes

Thursday, July 23, 2009

i love me.

This is one of my most favourite pictures EVER. It's so cute, and so typical of us ballerinas! I'm the one with the tacky tape wrap around the right foot + awful turn-out.
Today was a lot of fun, but it was also very sad because it was our last day of real classes. Tomorrow is a dress rehearsal day. Not ready to leave!! We were messing around and just having some fun in between classes, and I got to do a couple of shoulder sits with the boys in my class. I have a video of it, and I'll put it up very soon. Hopefully by tomorrow! It was funny because I had to beg to do a shoulder sit, and the girls said, "Christian, do Bria!" And he finally agreed, and then they all yelled, "Bria, take off all your clothes!" It was so hilarious! I love our class! I'm going to miss everyone!!

Today was such a great day for me, despite my couple of injuries. I had a fantastic modern class, but my favourite part of today was the jazz class. We had a combined jazz class with the two highest levels, and whenever I have the chance to show off my flexibility, I do. Seeing that there were a few girls in the higher levels that weren't working as hard, I knew that I really had to show them what I was made of. I love some good competition because it really pushes me to do my best. It really disappoints me to see some girls in the higher levels that don't work so hard. It's just not fair. I'm here working my butt off to get as good as them, and they just lolly-gag along because they already know that they're on top. Well, I understand that they're already better than me, but when they expect to take our jazz class and confess that they're not good enough and still not try as hard as all of us, it just disappoints me. By the end of the jazz class, my legs were sweaty + my leotard was soaked. It felt so good. Then it was nice to come back to the hotel to lay on the garage roof + take a swim in the pool.

I was so sad to see Jason leave SYTYCD tonight. He was my favourite!!! I'm having a bit of trouble picking my favourite now...
Soon, I'm hoping to get tickets for the SYTYCD tour and the Rockettes' tour!!! I really hope that I can go see both, but if I had to pick, I would choose the Rockettes. I've wanted to see the Rockettes ever since I was a little girl, and I sure hope my parents will get me those tickets this year!! I'll finally get to see Keltie perform on a stage in front of me!! Oh, I can't wait!!


PS. sleepover tomorrow in room 518!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

slap that bass.

A second day in a row I have been told that I'm a natural turner! I'm starting to think that I really am, and I never knew it, ha! It's the only reason I can think of being such a "natural"!
You know my sexy Ukrainian ballet teacher I told you all about? Well, he wasn't here again...he wasn't here last week because he was becoming an American citizen at his very own special ceremony. Then he told us that we were his favourite level and that he really loved us! But he wasn't here today because he's off somewhere teaching at some other intensive. For a while, I thought he loved me since he picked on me so much for doing good things. Then I would daydream about us getting married. I daydream too much, but I want to marry that man. He's so amazing and a brilliant teacher...we're going to get married, ha!

Today all my hardwork started to catch up to me. My left ankle (my weaker ankle) started hurting. I'm thinking it's a bit of that old tendonitis, but it's hurting a little worse than that. I'm going to really have to take it easy tomorrow and until the end of the week for the performance. I iced it all tonight, put a little IcyHot, + put on an Ace Bandage. Hopefully that will do it some good and get the inflammation to go down a little bit. I hate weak ankles.

I love Theatre Dance. We did a fun dance choreographed to a song from the musical Crazy for You. It was so fun, and I wish I had my camera ready to record it because it was so amazing! Don't worry though, I'll get some videos to you folks hopefully tomorrow (depends on how my ankle is doing by the end of the day, send me good energy!!!).


PS. Boredom = making a fort in the hotel room.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

little. little. little. turner.

I knew that I've improved since I've been here, but I really improved. Today during pointe class, Mrs. Jacobs, the school director, said, "If I were any of you, I would watch Bria all the time. Bria's lucky to be a natural turner, so you should watch her and see what she does." All the girls' eyes were on me, and I just kept shaking my head "no" because I am far from being a natural turner (I'm more of a natural balancer, ha!). Then, I realized that it's really good that I was mistaken as a natural turner because I make my pirouettes look effortless and natural. I just thought it was funny that she said I was a natural when I always thought that I was the worst turner ever. Being here has really helped me become more confident in my pirouettes en pointe, and today really made me realize that. Then my hard work showed off by the awful blister I got today. I got it in a place that I never ever get a blister: the bottom of my foot. It hurts when I point my foot, ouch!! But good thing I have good friends with great blister bandages because I think I would die, ha! I sure hope that it heals quickly because I really don't need a nasty blister for the show this weekend. I even found out that Pedro is coming the performance on Saturday! I'm so excited to see him. He's been in Panama since the 4th taking care of his mom. I can't wait to see him and give him a huuuuuuge hug! He gives great bear hugs!!

I really miss my choreography and my creative juices flowing through me when some amazing acoustic/piano music plays through some speakers. I've just been sitting around the hotel room, chewing on some Swedish fish, and watching episodes of the Little Couple on TLC (that is the cutest show ever by the way) in my NYC taxi pj pants.
My mommy and sister are leaving for California tomorrow, and I don't even get to be there to say goodbye! They're off to a fantastic gay wedding and a short vaca from our boring, little town. But I've got a fun weekend planned ahead of me with some good friends. I'm so excited, but so sad to leave them.


PS. My mommy said she ordered my Keltie Colleen mantra cuff!! I'm so excited to get it!! I'm definitely going to take some rad dancing pictures with them and post 'em for you guys to see!! Eeep, I'm so excited and happy and EEP!! hehe.

Monday, July 20, 2009

stay away.

You really know you're a good person when you turn down some gossip. Someone will approach you and start talking about someone else, and even though that person might not be your favourite person, you're being a good person by not answering to the bitter words. And I know that someday I will, we will, get some good karma in return for it.

Today was my last Monday here. I finally got to partner with my little friend, John. He's only 14, but he's becoming a great partner! I'm so proud of him, and I just love dancing with him. I finally sewed new pointe shoes for the show on Saturday, and I just can't wait to see Pedro! I've missed him the most while I've been here. You never really realize you're taking the person for granted until you don't have them, but good thing I get to see him on Saturday! I'm so ready, and I'm ready to get home. It will be just me and my daddy. We already planned what we're going to do, and our plans include a yummy Indian vegetarian dinner + Harry Potter 6 + a soccer game with my doggie. I sure miss home.


PS. I love the rain after a long day of dancing.
PPS.And this girl will never fail to amaze me. This is the favourite dance I've seen her do. You go, Jordan!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

kiki lucas

I need to find her. I need to take her class.
Thanks, Dylan.

my mistakes.

I'm really good at making mistakes.
I've mistaken kind words for romance.
I've mistaken fun nights out for dates.
I've mistaken days of silence for you ignoring and forgetting about me.
Now, I'm making the same mistake for falling for everything you're saying. I just wish that I didn't want you in my life so much, but I do. I'm taking everything you say and trying to put it straight to my head, but I'm so bad at that. I'm only good at making mistakes. I make the mistake of putting it all to my heart. I need to get to the point where I can think with my head rather than my heart.
You make going home seem like the best thing and the worst thing that could happen to me. But all I really want was what I originally wanted.

It's the way you make me smile like no one else can. You're the only person that has ever given me butterflies.
But then I think about how you make me feel like I'm not good enough for you. Like I'm not good enough for anyone I give my heart to, and no one should feel like that. Ever.
Now I'm making the mistake of having you get in the way of what I want. What's really important. I love people, but the person that I need to love the most is me. And if I can't love all of me because it's loving you, I'm not going to get anywhere...

I'm making the mistake of writing something like this...I'm jinxing everything....
See you on the other side.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

This girl is rad.
She's such a fun person and a great friend. She has the best advice, and I can't believe how far she's gonna go. Whenever I watch her dance a part of me wants to kill myself for not being as amazing as her, but the other half of me just loves every movement and expression she dances on that stage.
Now she is dancing with the Dutch National Ballet, and I couldn't be more happier for her. This is such a big step for her, and I can't wait to see her traveling the world once again. She's already been all the way from Italy to China!
Love you, Jordan!


Yesterday I was told a story about a girl who wanted to dance. She trained in ballet, but later on she was brought to the wonderful world of theatre dance. She learned everything she needed to know about theatre dance, and soon enough she was teaching and choreographing for different people. One day, she moved to New York. She didn't know what New York would bring her, but she literally just packed her bags and went straight to New York. She started taking classes which soon led to being asked to be a teacher and choreographer of different theatre dance workshops. Sadly, she had to leave New York for the sake of her heart.
Now, she's still a teacher and brilliant choreographer.

The way she just knew that NY was what would make her is how I feel about NY. I'm not a theatre dancer or a NYCB ballerina, but I just have a feeling that when I get to New York I'll know what to do. There are just so many opportunities for me and other dancers there, and when I get there, I'm just going to let my world unfold in front of me.

Tonight I finally had the sushi I've been wanting.
Tonight I got to babysit.
Tomorrow I'm shopping at Urban.
Tomorrow I'm going on Stickam. Please please please join me?


Friday, July 17, 2009

briaballerina dorkpants.

You really know that you have relationship problems when you're falling for gay boys. They are some of the cutest, sweetest, most romantic boys around. And they have the best relationship advice. It's just not fair. Is it sort of the same thing when they have "girl-crushes"?

Today, some teachers talked to us about careers in dance and what we wanted to do at this point in our lives. Ms. Kumery told us her story about training with SAB and discovering that she was made for this at age 14 1/2. I've known all along that I wanted to do this ever since I stepped into my first dance studio. And sometimes that scares me...but then Ms. Kumery said it: "It's like breathing. You have to step into that skin and know that you need this just as much as you need to breathe." And that is exactly how I feel. When I dance, I feel more alive than anything, and that's what I want people to experience when they watch me dance. I just know that this is where I belong, and I can't imagine myself being as happy as I am when I dance.
I've been recently shown a video by my 4am friend, Dylan. It's a video of this cute and passionate Argentinian boy dancing. And watching it reminded me that it's all about passion. The way he was executing each move with his body and most importantly, his soul, just made me happy to know that there are dancers out there that really dance.
It really makes me being here all worth while.

I'm such a dork.
I'm Skype-ing while watching the Sp
ongebob SpongeBash.
I'm also recently being known as Buddha.
I miss my soccer-playing doggie.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

anytime sunshine!

You know what I love?
Balanchine technique.
I've never had Balanchine technique until I came here. This wonderful teacher named Ms. Kumery. She trained with SAB, and is this tall, skinny, fabulous lady with long legs and short hair. She's so spunky! She taught my pointe class today, and she brought out triples that I never knew were in me! I was getting triples on both my bad side and my good side (I'm a leftie!!). How many of you dancers are lefties? Left-turners forever!!

The 4th week here is practically over, and I just don't want to go home! I'll have to go back and sit around doing nothing for a while. I did miss home, but this is my time right now. I'm on a roll, and I don't want a trip home to take away even more improvements I can make. I also don't want to leave all the friends that I've made here. The friends I've made here are such good friends, and I don't want to leave them right when we've all become such great friends!! That's what Facebook is for!


PS. Thank goodness for Jet Glue!! My shoes are so dead!!
PPS. I want to see HP6!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

if it kills me.

I thought my day was going to be a bust when I found out that my sexy Ukrainian ballet teacher didn't show up, when I couldn't get my fouettes en pointe, when my pointe shoes died...
But then this happened.

Travis was my favourite dancer on the 2nd season of SYTYCD. I wanted him to win, but instead America chose Benji. But having him choreograph a dance on the show just made me so happy. I knew that I would love it.
But I didn't know that it was going to bring me to tears. There are very few dances that bring me to tears, but when I watched this one, I couldn't contain myself. Even when I watched the YouTube version again, the tears were rolling down my face.
I'm going to move on even if it kills me.....

Monday, July 13, 2009

moved + rushed

I fell asleep writing a post last night, but I just felt like starting all over because I can...

Yesterday, I spent all of my morning saying a sad goodbye and moving rooms. It was such a sad morning seeing my best friend/best-roommate-ever leaving for home, but she got to hang around for a while and help me move into my new room. We looked pretty crazy carrying all my bags and the fridge up to the new room. Then I didn't even bother to get unpacked. I was just so upset, and I don't even like unpacking or packing. These pictures of me are a result of my boredom. My hair was doing strange things yesterday...

Then my godparents picked me up and took me to a local mall. I helped my godsister look for a dress to wear to a debutant party that she was invited to. We walked all over the place, and we even dared to walk into Saks Fifth Avenue. A lot of the clothes in there are super cute, but they're all so super expensive!! I'm just afraid that I'm going to rush straight there when I get my own money and such. I'll go crazy with shopping. Not good.
It's already the 4th week, and I just can't believe that I'll be leaving in just a few days. And if I knew that I could leave here early, I definitely would have come to Sugar&Bruno's Dance Camp to take classes with Keltie. It's one of my biggest dreams, and that was my chance...

Today's class with Willie went so well for me. He made me show one of the combinations to the class because I know how to release. A lot of the girls around here don't understand the concept of releasing in modern class. I really can't wait to be able to teach dance classes of my own!! Is it possible for a 15-year-old to teach dance classes?
I'm trying to make these last few days last longer than any others. However, spending time in the sauna + on the phone aren't making it any easier.


PS. I'm hoping to get a video of me dancing up on here soon.
PPS. Q&A's soon?

Friday, July 10, 2009


Things are starting to get a little strange around this place.
From long sauna sessions to numb thumbs in the middle of the night...don't ask what's going on here because I have no clue.

This week went by extremely fast, and I'm going to be so sad when everything ends. This was definitely one of the best experiences of my life so far, and I'd never trade the friends I've made here for anything. The people I've met here are some really good friends and amazing dancers. Hopefully the paths of our dancing careers will cross again.

Since my room mate is leaving this weekend, I'm going to have to pack up my things as well to move to a room with another room mate. However, I honestly can't imagine having a roommate other than my best friend, Sarah. Oh well, I guess it's always good to make new friends. This is the mess in my room right now. I hate packing! It takes so much time and unpacking is just as bad, but I feel like I'm going to have to get used to it maybe? All the traveling I might have to do in the future? I really plan on traveling a lot when I get older. I just love going to different places and meeting different people. One of the thrills of living on this earth with so many different living people; it's just so exciting in my opinion.

Tomorrow is color leotard day.
Sunday is shopping.

PS. I know I promised a video yesterday, but it was going to be a very silly dance that we did in a jazz class...however, the teacher forgot the music for it, so I'll try to have it to you all on Monday!
PPS. In yesterday's jazz class, we were doing jumps where you bring your leg around the back in attitude, and I discovered that I can kick myself in the face. Totally not expecting that. I think I'll get a vid of that too...

Thursday, July 09, 2009

happy birthday, sarah!!

This is my best friend, Sarah.
We've been dancing best friends for the past 3 or 4 years, and I don't think things will ever change between us.
We can stay up talking till the sun comes up about the craziest things, and we are so comfortable around each other no matter what. I don't think that the bathroom door ever closes!
I'm so glad that I got to room with her here in Richmond, but this week is her last week here because she only signed up to do the 3 week program. We're making it the best last week ever, and today was her birthday!! The hotel made her a cake and we pigged out! Typical dancers...We jammed all night long and watched SYTYCD with some other good friends around here.

This video was taken the first week here, and it pretty much defines how we are all the time.
Happy Birthday, Sirrahhh!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

that uh-oh feeling.

I was doing great.
I was making such great progress.
I was moving on.

Then I saw some facebook updates, and I had to check on you. I had to check if you were happy, and you look so happy. Seeing that sun in your eyes and that smile on your face just made me miss you so much more...

You know that feeling you get on roller coasters. I call it the "uh-oh feeling". It's kinda like "Uh-oh, I'm about to go down and around on this roller coaster really really really fast."
The thing is, I hate roller coasters. I used to love them, way back in the day, way back when I lived 15 minutes away from Disneyland. Rollercoasters were my thing back then. But now, I can't stand them. I hate that uh-oh feeling.

And maybe that's why I can't stand to see you so happy. I get that uh-oh feeling. It's kinda like "Uh-oh, I'm not moving on, and you look so happy. My heart is about to go really really really fast for a few seconds...." The thing is, I don't want to hate seeing you happy because it's all I've ever wanted.

All I've ever wanted was to be able to grow up and ride the big roller coasters. But now I hate them.
All I've ever wanted was to be able to look at you and not get those butterflies or that uh-oh feeling. But now I hate that I do.


PS. My girl, Chels, made a website just for dancers!! This is going to be a huge hit, but only if you all help make it happen!! Please support her new site, and I'll definitely be a big help with it. You all should too!!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Tuesday of third week.

I wore this shirt that I made inspired by the one and only Keltie Colleen. Maybe I should make a dance clothing line, ha!

Things around here are just getting better and better. What's making me really happy is that the teachers are learning my name, yet some other girls' names escape their minds sometimes. It's just exciting because I give the teachers a reason to remember my name. I'm doing everything full out and fearless, and the teachers are actually noticing!

Speaking of today's modern class (also the last class of the day), I was so tired; mentally and physically. But I was doing everything full out just like I had a full night's sleep the night before, and when we were doing a combination across the floor, I was still a little confused on the steps when the teacher asked for the first group to go. Then she said, "Who are the fearless firsties?" And as soon as she said "fearless", I had to get right up there in front. That word is connected to my heart, and just hearing it made it jump a mile. And surprisingly, I knew the combination! Feeling that doubt in me didn't help me, but knowing that I was fearless did. It's amazing how certain words/phrases make us do certain things like walking on a crack so you don't break your momma's back or having a fearless heart and a fearless mind. But knowing I'm fearless is completely different from feeling fearless. It makes a complete difference.

I finally sent my snail mail letter to my friend Nathan who's suffering in boot camp. I haven't sent snail mail since I moved across the country, but I've always loved it. And writing letters are so much more personal than emails. Sure you got the little emoticons, but when you write letters, you have the person's handwriting and for some reason, I think that's the most personal thing. I hope that when he gets it he'll smile and won't worry so much about how much he's missing home...

Words from the people you love mean more than anything you'll ever know. A friend making cute bracelets that remind me that courage, passion, and hardwork are all I'll need to get to where I want and sending me cute Tweets. A 4am friend telling me that she misses me and that we're going to hang out as soon as we're both back in town. A few musicians' lyrics mean something different now. Words are just getting to my head these days...


PS. Check out these rad bracelets!! My girl Keltie is working on so many awesome things for all of us like these super cute and eco-friendly bracelets!! Hopefully ordering mine soon...

Order them now!! Just click this hot ad to order them today!

PPS. This song has been on repeat on the loudest volume, and it's radness is echoing through the hotel hallway...

Monday, July 06, 2009

begin again.

Today is the beginning of week three, and I'm just loving it here more and more. They're working my ass off over here, and I'm learning so much about myself and the dance world that I need to know.

Today in partnering class, I got to partner with a guy from the Richmond Ballet company. His name is Thomas, and he's this tall, muscular, fabulous guy that is an amazing partner. My pirouettes are getting so much better on pointe, and I'm starting to worry lesser and lesser when the teacher tells me to do a pirouette in pointe class. It's called confidence that I've never had. It feels good, and I can't wait to start working on triples!!
My pointe shoes are dying within a week around here, and my abs are getting stronger in Willie's class. But something I'm missing is my own choreography time. I'm on the search for new music, and being here in Richmond is giving me so many new choreo ideas. Once I get back home, you all are going to be in for a treat of new vids and new choreo.
And you should be ready for a new video on Thursday. It's a great surprise!!


PS. The beginning of this week is also the beginning for everyone, and it's a very special beginning for a few people. No worries. We're all on a ride for a new journey...
for the occasion, here's a rad version of a beloved song...

Sunday, July 05, 2009


Going home for the weekend was a bit strange. I didn't realize how much I had adjusted in the past two weeks. Living in this hotel where I'm hungry at 5:00 and that's when I eat dinner, and then going back home where dinner is served at 8 o' clock, it was a big difference to me. I was so hungry!
But good thing the meals served at home don't upset my stomach like the food here does...

I caught up on my sleep on the 4th. I slept all day! I didn't know how sleepy I was until I got into my own bed. It was a sweet reunion. After my dad grilled up some good fish, we were off to this big park downtown that we go to every year to watch fireworks and to listen to live music. This year, the live music was a Beatles tribute band called Abbey Road LIVE. They were fantastic, and they played almost all my favourite Beatles songs. And it was charming to see how many people in my town were singing along to the classical lyrics of the Beatles.
And it seems that the fireworks get bigger and better every year. I love the really really really loud ones that rattle the little bones in me. And I love the ones that make the sparks fall down like a waterfall. And I never realized how much more complex fireworks are getting these days. I'm seeing ones shaped like stars and hearts! How do they even do that?!?! It truly amazes me.

Then, I look around the park, and everyone is mesmerised by the explosive color dancing before their eyes. And I think to myself, "I'd like to captivate people like that with my dancing."
Pedro always says, "You have to dance like you have a firecracker 'you-know-where'."
And if I could engage the people coming to see me dance like those fireworks did to every single person in that park, then I know I've made it. I know my dreams have come true and that I've done my job as a dancer and as an artist.

Time is flying by around here, and the more time I spend here, I don't want to leave.
And my biggest fear has changed to that one day Keltie will stop following my blog or stop writing amazing blogs. That girl amazes me and is inspiring me more and more as the days go by...


Thursday, July 02, 2009

son of a nutcracker!!

Today was such a good day for me in the studio. I had such a good technique class, and then in pointe class I got triple pirouettes!! It feels good, you know? This place is really changing me and my technique, and it makes me so excited for the very near and far future. I'm so positive right now and so ready for any challenge that will be handed to me. Things are just looking so up for me!

And then I had this great class with this rad modern teacher named Starrene Foster, but everyone just calls her Star. How rad is that? I wish my name was Star! She's such a great teacher; I love her style and her all around vibe. As soon as I stepped into her class last week, I knew that I would like her. Her choreography is so fun and great, and I love showing that modern is my strength to her. And I really think that she's noticing that because she always gives me great compliments. This whole experience her is just making me so confident and excited for everything! I don't think I've ever been this positive in a very long time...

And coming back to the hotel to a warm dinner and great friends just makes this place so much better. I don't know if I ever want to leave!! I just love watching SYTYCD with all dancers! It's probably the best thing in the world because we all know what we love and what looks great. And I don't know how those judges choose who's leaving from the show, especially tonight because everyone that performed a solo was so amazing. I have no idea how they handle it either because I cry every time someone has to leave. Everyone that is on that show right now deserves it, but Karla and Vitolio both are such amazing dancers. It made me so sad to see them leave tonight. But with their skills, I just know that this isn't the end for either of them. I'll definitely keep my eyes open for them!

Heading back home tomorrow! My daddy's picking me up at 1430H (my Dad loves to use military time; especially when he IMs me)...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Living in a hotel is a very strange thing. You bump into so many different kinds of people, and no matter how hard you try, you can't make it feel like your home. The sheets aren't the same, the bathroom isn't the same, the view from the window isn't the same...and like I said, I never knew how much I was going to miss home until I got here. But I'm learning to enjoy it because it's preparing me for the bigger steps in life that are going to take me further into my dream. And I never realized how much of a little girl I am...
But I thought it was cute how the maid put my monkey with the pillows like this. However, I thought it was creepy how she put my roommate's pillow with the rest of pillows. It was like she was assuming that it was her pillow, and she was right. It was just kind of creepy...

Wednesdays/Hump Days are my favourite days of the week, and it's completely the same over at Richmond Ballet. We start off the day with Mr. Igor Antonov. He's a Resident Artist of the Richmond Ballet, and he's so sexy. He's such an amazing dancer, and when he opens his mouth to teach his perfect technique, I just get even more mesmerized. And today, my arabesque turns were particularly perfect, so he had me demonstrate them in front of everyone. He told me that they were beautiful, and I felt beautiful. And I sighed at his hotness. But usually, I would crack under the pressure of the class and the teacher watching me, but today was different. I knew that I could get in that arabesque turn perfectly, so I didn't worry. I'm starting to realize that getting into that mindset really helps with what you're doing with your feet, arms, and head. Everything starts with how confident you are and how you're projecting it.

Then we have a class called Theatre Dance. It's exactly what it's called. I always thought that I would do great on Broadway as a dancer, and I think that this class is quickly helping me realize it. And that's what I love so much about this intensive. It's making me learn what I'm so capable of doing, and it's keeping so many options open for me. We did a cute jazzy routine that completely brought out my personality. When we were warming up and "For Good" started playing, I thought of Dylan. I miss her so much right now, and I just don't know what I'm going to do during the school year without her. I've talked to her a few times while I've been here in Richmond, and she's doing great in Pittsburgh. I just know that she's kicking ass, and you all are going to see her out on that big stage someday soon. Watch out!

Then we continue on in the day with variations with one of my favourite teachers: Ms. Kumery. She's this tall, slender, spunky Balanchine based teacher that just brings out the best in every student. She taught is this variation from Who Cares? called "I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise". It's so fun and sassy, and I've never really been taught by a Balanchine based teacher. It's such a hard variation, but it's so great that it doesn't even matter if I can't get every single thing perfect because I know that maybe someday I'll build up the strength to do it on stage.

As a result of my money going missing and me blaming the maid and the hotel not being able to anything about it, the hotel decided to give me some money to my room. So, I've been given a certain amount of money that I can spend in the hotel instead of using my own. The hotel just thought of it as a gesture of "That sucks, so we'll give you some money to spend in our hotel." I thought it was very nice of them because I was really pissed about my money going missing (60 FREAKING DOLLARS!). So, I'm thinking about ordering room service tomorrow. Maybe a nice cheese pizza to share with the girls?


PS. I'm going home for 4th of July!
PPS. I miss my doggie.