Thursday, July 16, 2009

anytime sunshine!

You know what I love?
Balanchine technique.
I've never had Balanchine technique until I came here. This wonderful teacher named Ms. Kumery. She trained with SAB, and is this tall, skinny, fabulous lady with long legs and short hair. She's so spunky! She taught my pointe class today, and she brought out triples that I never knew were in me! I was getting triples on both my bad side and my good side (I'm a leftie!!). How many of you dancers are lefties? Left-turners forever!!

The 4th week here is practically over, and I just don't want to go home! I'll have to go back and sit around doing nothing for a while. I did miss home, but this is my time right now. I'm on a roll, and I don't want a trip home to take away even more improvements I can make. I also don't want to leave all the friends that I've made here. The friends I've made here are such good friends, and I don't want to leave them right when we've all become such great friends!! That's what Facebook is for!


PS. Thank goodness for Jet Glue!! My shoes are so dead!!
PPS. I want to see HP6!!!!!!!!

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