Friday, July 17, 2009

briaballerina dorkpants.

You really know that you have relationship problems when you're falling for gay boys. They are some of the cutest, sweetest, most romantic boys around. And they have the best relationship advice. It's just not fair. Is it sort of the same thing when they have "girl-crushes"?

Today, some teachers talked to us about careers in dance and what we wanted to do at this point in our lives. Ms. Kumery told us her story about training with SAB and discovering that she was made for this at age 14 1/2. I've known all along that I wanted to do this ever since I stepped into my first dance studio. And sometimes that scares me...but then Ms. Kumery said it: "It's like breathing. You have to step into that skin and know that you need this just as much as you need to breathe." And that is exactly how I feel. When I dance, I feel more alive than anything, and that's what I want people to experience when they watch me dance. I just know that this is where I belong, and I can't imagine myself being as happy as I am when I dance.
I've been recently shown a video by my 4am friend, Dylan. It's a video of this cute and passionate Argentinian boy dancing. And watching it reminded me that it's all about passion. The way he was executing each move with his body and most importantly, his soul, just made me happy to know that there are dancers out there that really dance.
It really makes me being here all worth while.

I'm such a dork.
I'm Skype-ing while watching the Sp
ongebob SpongeBash.
I'm also recently being known as Buddha.
I miss my soccer-playing doggie.


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