Thursday, July 30, 2009

crazy, hazy, lazy day.

I woke up this morning thinking I was going to go to one of my last orthodontist appointments, but my ortho lied to me!! Ugh, the last time I went, they told me that I was going to have my braces off by the end of the summer. And my next appointment is in September!! I'm so mad that I'm going to be in them for another couple of months! I doubt I'm getting them off before my birthday, blech!

I then spent the morning trying to do some new choreography to Tori Amos's "That Guy". It went well for almost an hour, but then I got an awful migraine. I just had to lay down and cuddle with Bluey. I turned off all the lights and closed all the blinds, and we ended up falling asleep and snoring together.
I then woke up with a bunch of energy and decided to go on TwitCam for a bit. I was on for half an hour today! It was crazy, and I got some good questions finally!! I finally got to do a Q&A like I've always wanted to! It was fun, and I'd really like to do that again sometime. Either you guys let me know when you want to do it, or I'll just announce when I'm going on again!

I'm so glad to see that my two favourites (Brandon & Jeanine) made it to the finals!! I was so surprised to see Evan move on to the finals! I love Evan, but I thought that Ade and his six pirouettes would spin on into the finals! I'm just so surprised, but I'm even more anxious to see the finale and see who wins. Out of all the four finalists, I just can't decide which one...Who do you think will be the winner?

I discovered how much of an amazing guard dog Bluey is. Whenever I go upstairs, he sits at the bottom step until I come down. Bluey is always there for me. When someone brought up heartbreak today, I couldn't help but tear up a little bit (even if it was on camera). And Bluey was there for me, and he knew something was wrong and started licking me all over. I love my puppy more than anything!

I'm almost ready to ship these first few pointe shoes out! I have a ton more left, so just shoot me an e-mail if you're interested! The pair I'm wearing in this picture could be yours!!

PS. You don't have to watch all 30 mins. It's quite boring actually...haha

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