Tuesday, July 21, 2009

little. little. little. turner.

I knew that I've improved since I've been here, but I really improved. Today during pointe class, Mrs. Jacobs, the school director, said, "If I were any of you, I would watch Bria all the time. Bria's lucky to be a natural turner, so you should watch her and see what she does." All the girls' eyes were on me, and I just kept shaking my head "no" because I am far from being a natural turner (I'm more of a natural balancer, ha!). Then, I realized that it's really good that I was mistaken as a natural turner because I make my pirouettes look effortless and natural. I just thought it was funny that she said I was a natural when I always thought that I was the worst turner ever. Being here has really helped me become more confident in my pirouettes en pointe, and today really made me realize that. Then my hard work showed off by the awful blister I got today. I got it in a place that I never ever get a blister: the bottom of my foot. It hurts when I point my foot, ouch!! But good thing I have good friends with great blister bandages because I think I would die, ha! I sure hope that it heals quickly because I really don't need a nasty blister for the show this weekend. I even found out that Pedro is coming the performance on Saturday! I'm so excited to see him. He's been in Panama since the 4th taking care of his mom. I can't wait to see him and give him a huuuuuuge hug! He gives great bear hugs!!

I really miss my choreography and my creative juices flowing through me when some amazing acoustic/piano music plays through some speakers. I've just been sitting around the hotel room, chewing on some Swedish fish, and watching episodes of the Little Couple on TLC (that is the cutest show ever by the way) in my NYC taxi pj pants.
My mommy and sister are leaving for California tomorrow, and I don't even get to be there to say goodbye! They're off to a fantastic gay wedding and a short vaca from our boring, little town. But I've got a fun weekend planned ahead of me with some good friends. I'm so excited, but so sad to leave them.


PS. My mommy said she ordered my Keltie Colleen mantra cuff!! I'm so excited to get it!! I'm definitely going to take some rad dancing pictures with them and post 'em for you guys to see!! Eeep, I'm so excited and happy and EEP!! hehe.

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