Monday, July 13, 2009

moved + rushed

I fell asleep writing a post last night, but I just felt like starting all over because I can...

Yesterday, I spent all of my morning saying a sad goodbye and moving rooms. It was such a sad morning seeing my best friend/best-roommate-ever leaving for home, but she got to hang around for a while and help me move into my new room. We looked pretty crazy carrying all my bags and the fridge up to the new room. Then I didn't even bother to get unpacked. I was just so upset, and I don't even like unpacking or packing. These pictures of me are a result of my boredom. My hair was doing strange things yesterday...

Then my godparents picked me up and took me to a local mall. I helped my godsister look for a dress to wear to a debutant party that she was invited to. We walked all over the place, and we even dared to walk into Saks Fifth Avenue. A lot of the clothes in there are super cute, but they're all so super expensive!! I'm just afraid that I'm going to rush straight there when I get my own money and such. I'll go crazy with shopping. Not good.
It's already the 4th week, and I just can't believe that I'll be leaving in just a few days. And if I knew that I could leave here early, I definitely would have come to Sugar&Bruno's Dance Camp to take classes with Keltie. It's one of my biggest dreams, and that was my chance...

Today's class with Willie went so well for me. He made me show one of the combinations to the class because I know how to release. A lot of the girls around here don't understand the concept of releasing in modern class. I really can't wait to be able to teach dance classes of my own!! Is it possible for a 15-year-old to teach dance classes?
I'm trying to make these last few days last longer than any others. However, spending time in the sauna + on the phone aren't making it any easier.


PS. I'm hoping to get a video of me dancing up on here soon.
PPS. Q&A's soon?

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