Sunday, July 19, 2009

my mistakes.

I'm really good at making mistakes.
I've mistaken kind words for romance.
I've mistaken fun nights out for dates.
I've mistaken days of silence for you ignoring and forgetting about me.
Now, I'm making the same mistake for falling for everything you're saying. I just wish that I didn't want you in my life so much, but I do. I'm taking everything you say and trying to put it straight to my head, but I'm so bad at that. I'm only good at making mistakes. I make the mistake of putting it all to my heart. I need to get to the point where I can think with my head rather than my heart.
You make going home seem like the best thing and the worst thing that could happen to me. But all I really want was what I originally wanted.

It's the way you make me smile like no one else can. You're the only person that has ever given me butterflies.
But then I think about how you make me feel like I'm not good enough for you. Like I'm not good enough for anyone I give my heart to, and no one should feel like that. Ever.
Now I'm making the mistake of having you get in the way of what I want. What's really important. I love people, but the person that I need to love the most is me. And if I can't love all of me because it's loving you, I'm not going to get anywhere...

I'm making the mistake of writing something like this...I'm jinxing everything....
See you on the other side.

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chels_fearless said...

everyone makes mistakes...and most of the times even THE best people in the world make mistakes..that just makes us stronger. Take keltie, i bet you she has made many mistakes...but look where she is now, she is on top of the world! she is getting there and being so fearless! then me...i've made SOOOOO many mistakes and even thou im hurting i know im going get better, we've all gotta make just makes us learn more. :) everything will be alright. i promise, you are such an amazing person. :)
God Bless you dear. :)
i wish you the best in everything you do!