Saturday, July 18, 2009


Yesterday I was told a story about a girl who wanted to dance. She trained in ballet, but later on she was brought to the wonderful world of theatre dance. She learned everything she needed to know about theatre dance, and soon enough she was teaching and choreographing for different people. One day, she moved to New York. She didn't know what New York would bring her, but she literally just packed her bags and went straight to New York. She started taking classes which soon led to being asked to be a teacher and choreographer of different theatre dance workshops. Sadly, she had to leave New York for the sake of her heart.
Now, she's still a teacher and brilliant choreographer.

The way she just knew that NY was what would make her is how I feel about NY. I'm not a theatre dancer or a NYCB ballerina, but I just have a feeling that when I get to New York I'll know what to do. There are just so many opportunities for me and other dancers there, and when I get there, I'm just going to let my world unfold in front of me.

Tonight I finally had the sushi I've been wanting.
Tonight I got to babysit.
Tomorrow I'm shopping at Urban.
Tomorrow I'm going on Stickam. Please please please join me?


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