Wednesday, July 22, 2009

slap that bass.

A second day in a row I have been told that I'm a natural turner! I'm starting to think that I really am, and I never knew it, ha! It's the only reason I can think of being such a "natural"!
You know my sexy Ukrainian ballet teacher I told you all about? Well, he wasn't here again...he wasn't here last week because he was becoming an American citizen at his very own special ceremony. Then he told us that we were his favourite level and that he really loved us! But he wasn't here today because he's off somewhere teaching at some other intensive. For a while, I thought he loved me since he picked on me so much for doing good things. Then I would daydream about us getting married. I daydream too much, but I want to marry that man. He's so amazing and a brilliant teacher...we're going to get married, ha!

Today all my hardwork started to catch up to me. My left ankle (my weaker ankle) started hurting. I'm thinking it's a bit of that old tendonitis, but it's hurting a little worse than that. I'm going to really have to take it easy tomorrow and until the end of the week for the performance. I iced it all tonight, put a little IcyHot, + put on an Ace Bandage. Hopefully that will do it some good and get the inflammation to go down a little bit. I hate weak ankles.

I love Theatre Dance. We did a fun dance choreographed to a song from the musical Crazy for You. It was so fun, and I wish I had my camera ready to record it because it was so amazing! Don't worry though, I'll get some videos to you folks hopefully tomorrow (depends on how my ankle is doing by the end of the day, send me good energy!!!).


PS. Boredom = making a fort in the hotel room.

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Pixiedustbaby said...

Fort's are the shit! :P

That's a bummer about your ankle. Hope it gets better soon!