Thursday, July 02, 2009

son of a nutcracker!!

Today was such a good day for me in the studio. I had such a good technique class, and then in pointe class I got triple pirouettes!! It feels good, you know? This place is really changing me and my technique, and it makes me so excited for the very near and far future. I'm so positive right now and so ready for any challenge that will be handed to me. Things are just looking so up for me!

And then I had this great class with this rad modern teacher named Starrene Foster, but everyone just calls her Star. How rad is that? I wish my name was Star! She's such a great teacher; I love her style and her all around vibe. As soon as I stepped into her class last week, I knew that I would like her. Her choreography is so fun and great, and I love showing that modern is my strength to her. And I really think that she's noticing that because she always gives me great compliments. This whole experience her is just making me so confident and excited for everything! I don't think I've ever been this positive in a very long time...

And coming back to the hotel to a warm dinner and great friends just makes this place so much better. I don't know if I ever want to leave!! I just love watching SYTYCD with all dancers! It's probably the best thing in the world because we all know what we love and what looks great. And I don't know how those judges choose who's leaving from the show, especially tonight because everyone that performed a solo was so amazing. I have no idea how they handle it either because I cry every time someone has to leave. Everyone that is on that show right now deserves it, but Karla and Vitolio both are such amazing dancers. It made me so sad to see them leave tonight. But with their skills, I just know that this isn't the end for either of them. I'll definitely keep my eyes open for them!

Heading back home tomorrow! My daddy's picking me up at 1430H (my Dad loves to use military time; especially when he IMs me)...

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