Monday, July 20, 2009

stay away.

You really know you're a good person when you turn down some gossip. Someone will approach you and start talking about someone else, and even though that person might not be your favourite person, you're being a good person by not answering to the bitter words. And I know that someday I will, we will, get some good karma in return for it.

Today was my last Monday here. I finally got to partner with my little friend, John. He's only 14, but he's becoming a great partner! I'm so proud of him, and I just love dancing with him. I finally sewed new pointe shoes for the show on Saturday, and I just can't wait to see Pedro! I've missed him the most while I've been here. You never really realize you're taking the person for granted until you don't have them, but good thing I get to see him on Saturday! I'm so ready, and I'm ready to get home. It will be just me and my daddy. We already planned what we're going to do, and our plans include a yummy Indian vegetarian dinner + Harry Potter 6 + a soccer game with my doggie. I sure miss home.


PS. I love the rain after a long day of dancing.
PPS.And this girl will never fail to amaze me. This is the favourite dance I've seen her do. You go, Jordan!!

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