Monday, July 06, 2009

begin again.

Today is the beginning of week three, and I'm just loving it here more and more. They're working my ass off over here, and I'm learning so much about myself and the dance world that I need to know.

Today in partnering class, I got to partner with a guy from the Richmond Ballet company. His name is Thomas, and he's this tall, muscular, fabulous guy that is an amazing partner. My pirouettes are getting so much better on pointe, and I'm starting to worry lesser and lesser when the teacher tells me to do a pirouette in pointe class. It's called confidence that I've never had. It feels good, and I can't wait to start working on triples!!
My pointe shoes are dying within a week around here, and my abs are getting stronger in Willie's class. But something I'm missing is my own choreography time. I'm on the search for new music, and being here in Richmond is giving me so many new choreo ideas. Once I get back home, you all are going to be in for a treat of new vids and new choreo.
And you should be ready for a new video on Thursday. It's a great surprise!!


PS. The beginning of this week is also the beginning for everyone, and it's a very special beginning for a few people. No worries. We're all on a ride for a new journey...
for the occasion, here's a rad version of a beloved song...


veronicamadness said...

fave song ever.
heartbreakening that they split. but i wish them the best.

veronicamadness said...

correcting myself from last comment:
its actully ryan and jon that have left the band but still. atleast bden and spence are still doing panic
/endofpatdrelated comment.

ps.hope youre enjoying it there in richmond! x]