Sunday, July 05, 2009


Going home for the weekend was a bit strange. I didn't realize how much I had adjusted in the past two weeks. Living in this hotel where I'm hungry at 5:00 and that's when I eat dinner, and then going back home where dinner is served at 8 o' clock, it was a big difference to me. I was so hungry!
But good thing the meals served at home don't upset my stomach like the food here does...

I caught up on my sleep on the 4th. I slept all day! I didn't know how sleepy I was until I got into my own bed. It was a sweet reunion. After my dad grilled up some good fish, we were off to this big park downtown that we go to every year to watch fireworks and to listen to live music. This year, the live music was a Beatles tribute band called Abbey Road LIVE. They were fantastic, and they played almost all my favourite Beatles songs. And it was charming to see how many people in my town were singing along to the classical lyrics of the Beatles.
And it seems that the fireworks get bigger and better every year. I love the really really really loud ones that rattle the little bones in me. And I love the ones that make the sparks fall down like a waterfall. And I never realized how much more complex fireworks are getting these days. I'm seeing ones shaped like stars and hearts! How do they even do that?!?! It truly amazes me.

Then, I look around the park, and everyone is mesmerised by the explosive color dancing before their eyes. And I think to myself, "I'd like to captivate people like that with my dancing."
Pedro always says, "You have to dance like you have a firecracker 'you-know-where'."
And if I could engage the people coming to see me dance like those fireworks did to every single person in that park, then I know I've made it. I know my dreams have come true and that I've done my job as a dancer and as an artist.

Time is flying by around here, and the more time I spend here, I don't want to leave.
And my biggest fear has changed to that one day Keltie will stop following my blog or stop writing amazing blogs. That girl amazes me and is inspiring me more and more as the days go by...


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