Saturday, August 01, 2009

back in (mo)town.

Today was the first day of company rehearsals for the 2009-2010 season!
There are a few new faces and many old, familiar ones. It was so good to see some good friends, and it was good to see and feel everyone's energy ready for a good day of rehearsal. Almost everyone went to a great summer intensive, and they all improved so much! The moment I stepped into the studio, I knew that this season was going to be amazing. We have so much planned and so many great dancers on board with us this season, I just know that it's going to be a fantastic one.

Rehearsal was a very busy and productive one. We started learning the infamous Pickle dance from Ties which we are performing this October. We are all hoping that our friend and the original dancer, Aaron Canfield, will come back and dance the ballet with us. Just listening to the music and dancing the parts today brought back some really great memories. I seriously can't believe we're doing it again. I really hope that I can get the same hair-do that I did last year...

What really caught me by surprise was when we started Snow! Hearing Nutcracker music at this time of the year really just gives me goosebumps! We've never began Nutcracker this early, but I really think that it's a smart move because Nutcracker takes a lot of time and rehearsal. And the earlier we start, the better. A few parts of casting call was revealed, but it's all a surprise when the actual list goes up. But what I can say is that I predicted most of the parts. ;)

Last, but not least, I started learning an amazing dance with my friend, John. He's Aaron's little bro, and really amazing for a 14 year old. We're doing this dance for the museum show in September, and we're doing this sexy, romantic (but comedic) dance to this brilliant James Brown song. Oh, I love this song, and I love the dance so far. We're learning the rest next week, and I really can't wait! It's very intriguing and very sultry. The audience is gonna go crazy for it!

And just to clear things up about the pointe shoes...I know that in the emails I said that I might get them out by this weekend, but by the looks of it, they won't be out by next week. I'm still working on them and the packages, so I'm definitely going to need more time. This also means that it'll be easier for me to send them all at once. I'm so excited to get the shoes out, and I really think that you guys are going to love the packages!


PS. dinner + a movie with daddy and my doggie is the best way to spend a Friday & Saturday night.

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