Thursday, August 27, 2009

hypothetical love.

sleeping through the signs, your kisses are blind. beware.

In Spanish class, we're learning about a literature genre called "realismo mágico". It's described where reality is mixed with elements of fantasy and dreams. There is a Spanish author named Jorge Luis Borges who says that "what we dream is reality". And as I'm quickly approaching where reality + the dreams finally meet, I'm not happy. I've dreamt of something so fine and grand like you saying you want my lips against yours or that you don't want to hurt me. But now I'm getting scared. That you'll change your mind or something will come up that will just change things forever. And I don't want that. I just want us. Since the beginning. I'm really leaping off the cliff here with my heart in hand. Am I giving in or is this what's meant to be? My heart is racing towards that place where it's past dreams and reality, and that place beyond dreams and reality is called love. It's beyond dreams and reality because it's more than anything you can EVER dream of, and it's all to wonderful that it just can't be real (but it really is!).

But to you it's all hypothetical. This makes no sense to me. It's like traveling this road backwards where you get "doubt" and "denial". Don't travel backwards. Onwards.

Love is so beyond,

PS. I didn't think I was bad at family relationships either...

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