Sunday, August 23, 2009

if keltie can...

...then I can too.
Dancers these days are having to be able to sing. Singers these days are having to be able to dance. We're all one big family in this place called show business. Nevertheless, I still love to sing to my guitar and play good music.
I've never taken guitar or voice lessons if you're wondering. I kinda like the way my voice sounds. I'd like to describe it as "smoky".

This is probably my favourite song to play on the guitar + one of the very first songs I learned to play about 4 years ago. I've done nothing more than perfect it, ha! If I play it once, I have to play it 109384 more times. Let me know what you think...

Tomorrow sure is my first day of school!! I'm ready, but not ready, for another year of high school, blech. I remember last year, I wanted to make a statement for the new year, so the night before the first day of school I took some scissors and cut my bangs into a blunt cut. I liked it for a while, but since my hair grows at the speed of light, they started getting too long, ha! But I'm trying to think of what I can do tonight that will make me feel like I'm gonna make a statement tomorrow...I'm thinking a super hot outfit, yeah? But I want people to look at me and say, "Wow, look at Bria! She's smokin'!" (lol), but also the outfit has to appear effortless (just like what us dancers do onstage; we just make it appear easy, ha!). Come on you fashionable followers (that has a nice ring to it...)!! Help?


PS. My daddy is on a whirlwind adventure around the world! Ha, not really. He's going on a 3 week business trip to Tokyo then to the Philippines then to Brazil. I will miss my Pop so much! But he's going to see the world! He and the rest of us wish that he could take us with him!


Imy B said...

You have a really nice voice! My poor guitar is just gathering dust in the corner.

Good luck in school. Hope you like it better than I do! I start on the 1st, and it's exam year. Nasty, horrible tests. I always do badly in the big ones that actually matter. Typical!

And as for making a statement, maybe do something different a few days after you're back? For instance, I'm getting my hair cut and coloured on the 5th, so that I can go into school after the weekend and people will be more likely to notice. And accessorise! I'm a master at that, seeing as I have to wear a uniform, ugh. I hope some of that helped at least. But as long as you're comfortable with what you're wearing, it'll be grand.


Ps. I almost cried at your last blog. I used to get messed around a lot, but since I stopped looking for a guy, I've been much happier. I'm certain that you will be too. Life is great. What a wonderful world. :)

bria ballerina said...

Thanks, Imy! It's strange because I write my own music and all, but I don't really want to be known for my music, ha!

I'm ready as I'll ever be for school. But I'm finally an upperclassman, so that will be interesting...

Yeah, I was thinking about getting my hair done, but I'm not quite sure yet. It's obviously too late now, lol. But that really helps because I remember last year when I just wore something comfy, I still felt like I was grabbing some attention, lol.

You know, I cried writing that blog. It came from more than the heart...but I'm so glad that I can still touch people with my sad yet inspiring story. And I'm glad that I'm not the only one to stop looking...


hopingforbetterdays. said...

Wow, I love your voice. It's like scratchy, but in a beautiful way. :]

I think I'm like the only person looking forward to going to school, my room is beginning to feel like a tomb. Have fun though, make the best of it. If you wanna make a statement , I think you should walk in with a trench coat, and then when you have everyone's attention, yank it open to reveal something uberly glittery. Seizure inducing.

Though that may not look effortless. :\

BTW, I love your blog. I think you're such an amazing person. I love how insightful, opened and honest you are. I believe you when you say you're gonna make it big time. I'm praying only the best for you :]

Good luck at school!

May <3

bria ballerina said...

Thanks, May! Your words made me smile on this homework filled night! <3
Yeah, my voice is scratchy, but that's why I describe it as "smoky".

As for my outfit, I went with a bright teal tube top w/ a knit cover up, bermuda shorts, and my mocassin/gladiator sandals. Not much, but I did get some compliments!

Thank you again for your inspiring words. It's hard enough for little me to believe in myself, but to have many people believe in me just as much just makes it so much easier.


Alex said...

Hello, Bria!
My name is Alex...the girl kind,hahaha.
Anyway,I love your blog. You are an amazing, and very talented person. You dance, sing, and make people smile. You're also very pretty.

When I meet people like you, the firt thing I say is,"Take advantage of everything you have." I can't dance. I can't sing. I can't even make people smile. I'm not pretty. I wish something good happened to me, but eh, nothing has happened.

It will take a miracle.
Nice to meet you! hahaha...
Love Always,