Sunday, August 09, 2009

just leave.

When I saw this, I thought of you.
I thought how this cellphone screen looked just like yours. I thought of all the checkmarks next to all the text messages we always sent. I thought of how you never showed your feelings. I thought of all those times I canceled all those romantic and sweet dates because you didn't like "cute" stuff. I thought of that day I was going to play you that song on my guitar that really told you how I felt, but then I remembered you'd find it awkward...
Then I wondered, "When am I going to stop thinking of you all the time? When will I be able to look at something and not think of you?" I don't know if that day will come, but I have a feeling that it will come when you leave. So just leave. I don't care if this is or isn't you. Just let this school year fly by and leave for college.
I'll be happy.
&don't ask me if I miss you.

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