Sunday, August 16, 2009

kiss my assateague!!

I just got home, and it's almost 5am! It was such a long day....But today we went to Assateague Island, and it was probably the best vacation I've had all summer. I had to miss company rehearsal (which I hate missing rehearsal), but I wouldn't skip out hanging with the fam and splashing in the ocean.

We took a 3-4 hour car trip to get there, but the fact that I was with my sister and my best cousin didn't make it boring at all. We had a lot of fun singing some Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift; just being girls pretty much. We stopped by Walmart and picked up some baby food for my baby cousin, and we even picked up some for ourselves!! It's so delicious! Who knew? We didn't get the icky mashed up stuff; we got actual chewable stuff, ha! And I know that it's really good for you because they don't feed babies icky processed stuff! Try it sometime! Gerber gets my happy tastebud approval!

I took some rad pictures on the beach, and hopefully I can get a few of them up here because they're just so rad! While I was taking them, I realized that doing saut de chats + pas de chats are so difficult on the beach!! But the pictures still turned out super!
The beach itself was absolutely wonderful! Except we didn't see any ponies this time, welp! But the water was actually really warm, and the sand was so fine it felt so amazing between my toes. I saw a bunch of jellyfish in the water, and that kind of freaked me out. But I managed to miss out on a few stings, however my sister wasn't so lucky, ick!

I have some bad news though...I know that I said that I sent out a pair of shoes a few days ago, but it turns out that my friend that I gave it to because she can drive didn't have a credit card which you need to purchase postage and such. So I'm going to wait until I can drive and get a credit card which won't be until...January.
I'm really sorry to say this, but I have no choice. My mom says that I made this whole amazing wonderful plan, so I have to find a way to do everything myself. I really should've figured out all the kinks before announcing it, but I was just so excited! I'm just really bummed because I have all the pairs ready, and they're just sitting here in my room with all of your names written on them just begging to be shipped off to all of you!! I am soooooo sorry, but this doesn't mean that they're NOT going out. They will in a few months, but I'm really sorry that I have to make you all wait!! But I'm thinking it will be a belated Christmas + New Year's gift?

I'm so sorry....

PS. A great friend/Ballet Mistress to the company told me about this video, and I am just so amazed!! Enjoy!!

PPS. It still seems like I can't get away from you no matter where I go...

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Imy B said...

I always get Hannah Montana songs in my head, much to the annoyance of my best friend. As for Taylor Swift, I won her over with Fearless, ha!

And, to save you having to read two comments from me, Nineteen Minutes was an amazing book for me to read. Another personal favourite of mine is Change of Heart. And then there's Plain Truth...and Mercy. Why is it that I'm only realising just how Jodi Picoult obsessed now...? Ha!

So, to end this long ass comment, just don't feel bad about the shoes. Whenever you get the shoes out, I'm sure everyone will be happy with them anyway. I know I will. It'll be that much more special for us to get them at the beginning of next year. More symbolic, I suppose. :)