Sunday, August 30, 2009

melted hearts.

Who knew a melted heart would feel so good?
Spending so much time with you this weekend is pushing me in and out of my comfort zone, and I love it.
I've never felt more alive and spontaneous with any other person. Things are going to change from here, and I know that we both have a different idea of what's going to happen. But I'm ready to jump. Let's go!

Friday night I went to the first football game of the season for my school, and everyone was so pumped for the game! It was such a good game, and we won 44-14!! I really hope that we keep that up all season long. Then I went out with some friends to get some ice cream. I was the only girl, so I had to sit through all this "boy talk" while I stared into your beautiful eyes. I thought that the person I was trying to be was completely different than the person than I actually am. I realized that I am sexy, and I'm not afraid to say that. Girls, you should feel like you're so hot wherever you go. I don't mean that in a self-centered and selfish way. It's another way to say you need to be confident in your mind, body, and soul.
Saturday was an amazing rehearsal. However, everyone is starting to feel the tension of the next three shows coming up. The museum show is in less than a month, and then a week after that is Ties! And of course Nutcracker makes everyone nervous. As a company, we took a lot to do, but we can handle it! There's nothing more than some good pressure to do your best! The partnering dance with John is nearly finished, and my dress finally fits me! Thanks, costume ladies!!
To relax for the night, I went out with some friends to see "Inglorious Basterds". I'm no movie critic, but it was a bad-ass movie. I know I'm a bit of a tom-boy, but that was seriously a good movie. The whole thing was pretty crazy, and it was like I was reading a comic book. Comedy. Action. Rad.

I might have told you all this already, but I'm going to say it again...
I found out that my Homecoming dance is the same day as our show "Ties"! When I found out, I freaked because I already bought my dress and everything. Then I remembered that the show is pretty short; there isn't even intermission. I'm planning on bringing my dress + shoes to the theatre, and when the 2nd show is over, rush to get ready then go off to Homecoming to dance it up for another few hours. I'm a busy girl, and I can't wait to feel the rush of dancing non-stop. And we have our hair in super rad hairstyles for the show, so I'm going to keep my hair the same. On the downside, I'm really bummed that I have to miss the Homecoming game. We've lost the past 3 Homecoming games, and I want to be there when we finally win this year's! And right now, I'm not really caring if I have a date anymore. It would be nice to have my date come to watch my show, then drive me off to the dance after, but I don't want to ask too much of him. Plus, it would be so much more fun to walk onto that dance floor, jump into a group, and just start dancing. I'll find that boy to dance with me someday. Someday.

You melt my heart (andmakemewetmypants,lol),

PS. Has anyone ever noticed how sexy techno music is? It makes me wanna rave like crazy, and all the beats are just so sexy!!

PPS. I don't wear pants when I play guitar.


Imy B said...

Boys tend to do that. I've had many boys who've stolen my heart before. Sad thing is, they never had any idea. We'll all find someone perfect for us though, we just have to be patient. Doesn't mean we have to sit around and wait! ;)

There's nothing wrong with being a bit of a tom-boy! I can honestly say that Transformers was awesome. I watch Top Gear (have you heard of it?) when I can, so I like seeing cars and stuff, even if I have no clue how they work. XD I can't wait to see Transformers 2, and of course, Inglourious Basterds! Ha!

I would love to see a real ballet, alas, all I know about the Nutcracker is what Barbie showed me. Yes, I was one of those sad children who loved that movie so much, I had the doll and drew a picture filled with lots of time consuming snow around Clara and the fairies, which to this day is tacked above my grandfather's fireplace. And now that embarrassing tale is over...I hope you'll have fun preparing for your shows! If it was possible for me to come over and watch you dance, I would! (Did that sound as creepy as I thought it did?)

Anyway, sorry for leaving such a long comment, I tend to do that...whoops? Hope you don't mind. :)


bria ballerina said...

It's weird, this heartmelting thing. When he said that he could melt my heart, I thought he was kidding. It turns out he wasn't.<3

I've always been a tomboy ever since I was born, ha! But I've never seen Top Gear or heard of it for that matter. But I'm really stoked for Transformers 2 and you really have to see Inglorious Basterds!! (btw, there's no "u" because it's supposed to be spelled the American way, lol.)

Ha, the Nutcracker is a classic. Everyone has heard of it, but the music tortures every ballerina. It's so true! When we hear it in the mall, it makes us all so nervous! That doesn't make you sound creepy at all. I wish you all could come see my shows too!!

I like long comments.
They make me smile. (: