Friday, August 07, 2009

no studio. no problem.

"all of my life, i have waited for you."

I really need my own studio, but when you don't have the money to get a private studio, you use your room. Don't make fun of my sports border. It was a boy's room before I moved here, and it still looks like a boys room (besides the pointe shoes all over the room, ha!).

My concept for this dance was to actually have someone knock on the door at the beginning, and I was debating whether I should let them in or not. And at the very end, I finally let them in (after I have this battle with myself). As you can see in the dance, I kick myself in the head and knock myself down to the ground, but I still get back up and am ready to keep going. While all of this is happening, I'm still making that person at the door wait for me to let them in...
He's being so kind and telling me that little things remind him of me, and I still feel like I'm just not ready to let him back in. I'm just not ready for that hurt of him walking out again, but honestly, in the end, I know that I am just going to fall for it all again and let him in.

I've been invited to take some master classes with Brad Taylor and Jessica King from last season of SYTYCD!! I'm so excited, and I hope I'm able to go because I know it would be super fun. I'm also extremely happy to know that Jeanine won last night! And I am super jealous that one of my really good friends is going to meet her! Not fair. Hopefully, she'll get an autograph for me.

Tomorrow I have company rehearsal! I'm so excited, and then next week will be the Sr. Intensive over at my studio which should be absolutely amazing! We will be rehearsing for a lot of new things coming up, so that will be great.
And I'm shipping out the pointe shoes for sure tomorrow!! Can't wait!!



Imy B said...

Um...I'm just a girl who's been reading your blogs for a while, and I've finally plucked up the courage to say hi. So, hi! I'm Imy, ha!

I must say, that dance was cool. And okay, I'm only a beginner, but the way you used the space around you was great. I don't have much room in my room to do the silly little dances I've started to make up, and I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one to dance around in my bedroom!

So yes, I commented! And by the way, is it too late to get a pair of pointe shoes?

shineandsparkle said...

haha! I try to do that . . . except my room is way smaller, crowded, and carpeted! And I love to jump and travel!

Your blog has inspired me, and taught me to dance for myself. I used to be so self concious an I felt like if no one saw how hard I had worked, it was a waste. Now I realizize it doesn't matter and I'm here for me. And I enjoy dancing and moving, not just passivly (saying "I love dance" or "that was fun" after the fact) but I really enjoy every movement I make. I never realized how much fun plies can be!

So thanks! It's been inspiring to see someone like me be so confident and positive, and it is bringing out my confidence. I used to be scared about the future until I realized how exciting it can be!


bria ballerina said...

I still wish that I had more room, but I made do with what I have. (:

I'm so glad that I can inspire so many dancers just by dancing the way I want to. I used to be scared what would be ahead of me, but now I embrace it more than anything. And it all started with this blog. Ever since I started this blog, I started realize how much power and confidence that I really had all along; you just have to find it along the way.
I'm so happy to hear that you're finding yourself as a dancer and as a confident and strong person.

But just remember, you inspire me too!!