Monday, August 10, 2009

stretching, massaging, and icing all night long.

Today was the first day of intensive number 3 for me this summer. And the first day is always brutal. The teachers always say that they're gonna go easy on you, but, in reality, what is easy?

I get to have one of the teachers from Richmond come down to teach the ballet and pointe/variation classes for us. Ms. Grace was one of the teachers I had, so I'm still not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing because 1. she
already knows my name but 2. she's going to pick on me more, ha! Which is definitely a good thing, so, yes, it's a good thing! I'm looking forward to the rest of the week with her.
We also got a new modern teacher at our studio. She has a very strong background in dancing, and she is very nice and sweet. Her name is Katherine, and I loved her class today. We didn't have that much time because we took the first few minutes to get to know each other. Nonetheless, it was a fantastic class, and I'm looking forward to the choreography she will come up with for the end of the year show!

Sadly, my pointe shoes were extremely dead today, so my feet are totally sore. But good thing I have this new bike tire and a good tennis ball to do some good massaging and stretching. I definitely don't want to be sore for the entire week, although I am still sore from this weekend. Pedro really worked me because I was lifting boys and being thrown around and upside down! But it was all in good fun, and I
would not want any other job. ;)
So, the dead pair of shoes that I killed today will be sent out sometime this week to Imy! I hope you don't mind some freshly dead shoes, ha! And I will be sewing a new pair tonight as well as tending to my aching body.

I hope you all have a better resting night...

PS. I found one of the fantastic pictures from the awesome photoshoot I did about 2 months ago in a newspaper clipping someone found! It was in the city newspaper when I was in Richmond! Of course I would miss the rad picture! This was taken at the museum of transportation on an old train that used to run on the old railroad tracks around the city. I wish I could've gotten a better picture of it. Alas, I could not...(I'm the one in the middle!!!)
PPS. Standing en pointe 5 feet off the ground on the front of the train is the one of the scariest and most amazing things I've ever done in my life!

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Imy B said...

Ahh, I just had a complete fit! (In a good way!) It is currently 19 minutes past 4 in the morning, and I can't sleep through the stomach ache I have, but seeing my name in your blog and knowing I'll actually get a pair of shoes to hang on my wall made me insanely happy. Can't wait for my freshly dead pointe shoes! Thank you! After two days of staying home sick, this really cheered me up, no doubt about that! :)


PS. Sorry about the fact that this comment mostly talked about my pain! I hope your feet won't be sore for the entire week! And awesome picture by the way! :D