Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"you're beautiful dancer thats got a great head on her shoulders."

It's amazing what a friend that I've only known for just over a month can make me feel.
My friend Christian told me that I have a good head on my shoulders. We've only had a couple of heart-to-hearts and just a few nights to really talk. But I do know that he's a great dancer with a lot passion. I haven't seen that kind of passion in a long time. And just to let you know, he's an amazing singer. He's made for Broadway, and I can't wait to see him up there in New York working his butt off because he totally deserves it.
But that's not all. He knows me, and he knows what I feel like when I feel alone. I miss him so much, and I miss his tight hugs and that night when he held my hands like that up on that balcony made me feel like we were flying. Boy, do I miss him...
When you can meet a boy, or friend, like that, you don't need all the fancy things or money to have a great night and build a friendship that will last.
I sure do miss him...


PS. I love Les Sylphides!! So beautiful and breathtaking. We learned a variation from it all this week, but it's not this one. You'll see when I post the vid in a few days!! Enjoy!

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