Tuesday, September 01, 2009

how can you be so perfect?

it's because you don't leave room for imperfection like me.

I know I've said this before, but I'm going to say it again: I'm a perfectionist. I have to get everything down-pat before I'm satisfied. I have to make sure that my outfit has numerous approvals before I walk out the door. I check over my test papers several times before actually turning it in. When I'm having a bad turning day, I keep doing pirouettes until I get, at least, a clean double. Getting as close to perfect is what I am. It's what I live. But you. You are the epitome of perfection. You are smart, good looking, funny, sweet, and fun. You don't get more perfect than that. When I stand next to you, I feel so much smaller (not just literally). And I feel so imperfect, yet it feels so right. I've never loved feeling so imperfect. However, it seems that you can't have such imperfections in your life, and I understand. I'm the same way...but do you feel the same way when you stand next to me? Does it feel so right?

Things are getting too easy to say "yes" and "no" to lately.

"Did you feed the dog?" "Yes."
"Do you like coconut flakes?" "No."
"Is there someone at the door?" "Yes."
"Are you going to come with me?" "No."
"Will I believe in you?" "Yes."

It's just getting too easy! And I'm afraid that I'll miss my chance to say "yes" to you, finally. Or I'll miss my chance for you to answer "yes". But even if you say "no", at least I have an answer. I just can't wait anymore, and hearing that you're almost gone makes me worried. I don't want to lose you. I really got to get a move on what I want because I'm that type of person. I'm the one that's going to go after what I want. You're the complete opposite, and in that way, I feel like we're perfect for each other. I'm not going to lose you to a simple question or a simple answer. I have no more doubts in myself because you're out of chances; you wasted all of yours at perfect times and other girls. I, on the other hand, have million more chances that I never took because I was saving them for you.
Please don't take this the wrong way.
It's just that maybe there's still room for me in the picture?



peacelovekelly said...

wow, this....wow.
i love your blogs :)
i love your writings, they are very amazing. i cant even express it...seriously.
and i love the picture.
you take such great ones.

hope everything turns out for the best.


BabaBroja said...

Is that Brendon Urie in the background? And did you draw that? If so...skills, that's all I gotta say.