Tuesday, September 01, 2009

i (don't) care.

I can't wait for the planets to align,
For you to get a clue and for me to get a sign.
I can't wait for the clock to strike twenty-nine,
Or for you to have a toast of rusty wine.

Your perfect mind wants glass napkins and shiny cups.
The plan's already made. The only way is up.
If my hair wasn't sparkly or my face wasn't burnt enough,
All you had to do was tell me to my face and give it to me rough.

The sailboat to the watery moon has left you here all alone
With nothing but your stacked up spine you call your own.
How is it that you can be so perfect? Can't you see?
It's because you leave no room for imperfections like me.

There's no space for my fragile lips and fearless heart.
The only space you left is for you to tear yourself apart.
Don't waste my time; there isn't a clock in your own home.
Because when it's time for me to say "no", I'll leave you out to roam (becauseidon'tcare).

He messed up.
But I can't change that.
Right when I was about to tell you all how much more amazing he is, and right when I was about to take my chance, he turns around and changes his mind.


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