Thursday, September 17, 2009

i wanna fly.
There isn't much to say except that I'm a busy girl.
I've got deadlines, rehearsals, and assignments I've gotta take care of, and I'm so stressed out! But as a word of caution + advice, seriously don't get behind on your work. Whether it's school work or dance, you've gotta be on top of things. Or you'll suffer. I've seen so many girls get replaced in a dance because they didn't know the choreography. It's that brutal. I keep a notebook. Whenever I learn new choreo, I write it down so I'll have it for next time. It's so helpful, and you'll get recognized for working hard!

Tomorrow I've got a date with some blue and gold army paint on my face, a sore throat, + half naked boys with "GO TITANS!" painted on their chests.
I love high school football.

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