Wednesday, September 30, 2009


"you're pegasus! and a unicorn! you're a...pega-corn!"

Today was magical day! It was really interesting to see what people were going to wear today. It was truly a Harry Potter themed day, so many people just wore robes and carried around wands. A group of girls dressed up as a Quidditch team, and they had one of their friends dress up as the Golden Snitch. They spent all day chasing her around as they screamed "The snitch!" as they rode their broomsticks down the hall. There were a few dueling matches in the hallways. It kinda made me want to be at Hogwarts

I really need some magic right now.
I'm quite ill. I woke up with a sore throat + a little stuffy nose. My sore throat soon turned into a cough. A dry, raspy cough. I hate being soon as I started getting worse, I started downing the Vitamin C packets I carry around. Then I went to rehearsal, and halfway through rehearsal I got a fever. I know my body too well that I didn't even need to take a temperature. I just felt the aches + chills that come when I get a fever. I sat out + marked the very end of rehearsal. If you need to know anything about me and my health, it's that I rarely get sick. I get sick at least once a year and at most twice. I never have an understudy/double cast because I'm usually always in good health. That's why I hate the situation right now. I need some magic to heal me so that I can make it to the end of the week! The end of this week is all I'm looking forward to! I think that school, homecoming week, and theatre week just don't mix. Universe, please don't let this happen next year...Too much sickness is going around. Like I said, wash your hands!

Tonight I practiced falling backwards off the train for the first time. You need to understand how high I was in the air, so you can start to get nervous too...The train is about 10 feet above the ground (equivalent to one story). I'm 5 foot 3 inches, so my eyes are 4-5 ft ontop of that 10 feet. It looks really far up there. When I got up there, I felt like I was touching the balcony seats. I had to walk around a little more to get used to the height and my surroundings. I needed to get used to my eyes being so far above the ground. I had to get used to looking down at the ground far below me and the boys waiting down there to catch me. I walked around/freaked out for about 5 minutes before I built up the courage to fall. I did it, and I screamed! It is so scary...but so amazing at the same time! I was so ready to do it a second time! What I learned from this is to be courageous + fearless, especially when you know that people are there to catch you. There are times in our lives where we feel like there's no one else around but yourself. But sometimes, or most of the time, there are going to be people there to catch you. No matter the height. No matter the fall. When I went up there the first time, the ballet mistress said to me, "You have to trust yourself before you can trust them."
That is so true. I didn't realize that I didn't trust myself compeletely quite yet. Up there on the top of that train. And in real life. I really do need to trust myself before I can trust anyone else. I do certain things that just make me not trust myself sometimes. I say the wrong things. I do the wrong things. And it just ends up being my fault. Therefore I don't trust myself. But maybe I do those things so I can trust myself. Maybe there's this sense of intution that is telling me that I need to do certain things that are best for me. I just don't realize it yet. Maybe. Maybe I'm starting to trust myself...


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