Saturday, September 19, 2009

the more things change, the more things stay the same.

I'm not posting a bunch of pictures of me because I'm self-centered or because I want to be a model or something.
It's because it seems like everyday I'm a different person.
Everyday I'm becoming someone else.
I'm confident, quiet, hyper, shy. It's different everyday.
Someone else.
But honestly, I that "someone else" is the real me. I'm changing + growing so much as a person, and I don't think I'd have it any other way. I change as autumn (my favorite season) rolls on in. This year is going to be so great for me. I've already made that decision. And I think it's mainly because I'm done with you. Just telling myself and my friends that I'm done with you has just made me a so much stronger person, and it's really helping me move on. I'm sorry to say that everytime I see you, I'm going to tell myself that I hate you. I don't like to say that I hate people, but it's just so that I will get over you. You are not who I thought you were, but I still believed that you were. That's the difference between me + you. I took you for what you were plus so much more because I believed in you so much. You took me for what you wanted me to be. But I'm so done with you messing with me.

Today was dress rehearsal for the museum show which is in a week! I can't believe it! The band came in today and played for our rehearsal. It was really helpful to have them come in because since we're dancing to live music, it was good to actually dance to the live music instead of a track that we're not dancing to. The band is amazing. I can't believe they're all about my age! So much talent! I have faith in my generation. The dance with John went EXTREMELY well today. I'm so thankful for such a good partner. We're such a good pair together, and I think you all are going to love the dance very much! We're really grasping the theme of the 60s by doing wigs! I have a cute wig that's a little bob. I love it so much! I'll try to snap a picture for you all to see! Today was really hectic with dress rehearsal + more Ties rehearsal. Ah! I thought my brain was going to explode! But we're making great progress.
Today is my best friend's birthday! I've only known her for a couple of years, but we're so close it's unbelievable. She's 17 today! Happy Birthday, Hugga Mugga! Love you, girl!!

We're getting so close to our upcoming shows!
And Homecoming!
And my birthday!


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