Monday, September 14, 2009

music is hotter than you.

you are a great thing. don't doubt that for a second.

The VMAs last night were absolutely amazing. I love music, and I love the videos that go along with them. I couldn't help but thing what the VMAs will be like when my generation grows up. When my generation is the one on that stage. Because I'll be up there too. I love Taylor Swift. She gave it her all to win that award, and I'm not going to drop any names or anything, but there's this thing called respect. And I don't know if some people know about it, but I still like to see it around if you don't mind. She looked incredible last night, and I'm so glad Beyonce gave her her chance onstage. Plus, that performance by Taylor Swift was so rad!! And Keltie!!!! Girl, you looked so amazing and beautiful popping it on that taxi, ha! Wish I was in that crowd to cheer and sing along! I'm so glad that you got your shot, Kelts. You deserve it.
It was so hard to watch the VMAs and not wish that I was old enough to audition for them or get an agent to hook me up with a spot, but my time will come. I just know it. Beyonce's performance of "Single Ladies" just blew me away. I wanted to be one of those girls shimmying and shaking it all on that stage! I love that music video, and being able to recreate it on that stage. To that scale. Wow. Sign me up. And by the way, I love Lady Gaga. Her dancers were incredible! Ohhhh, and Pink!! Woah, I had no idea she could do all the flippy stuff! So rad!!
I love the VMAs. Period.

This weekend, I had an English assignment to write a 100 word essay (exactly 100 words; no more, no less.) without any of the words repeated. It was definitely a challenge, but I had a lot of fun with it. You guys know that I love to write. Especially poems. So, this might sound a little like a poem, but I couldn't help it! This might be a personal experience. It might not. I'm still trying to figure that out myself. But, I am Michelle, and you are Jude. And yes, I am referring to the Beatles' songs, ha! But I really like it, and I called it "100 Nights":

"'I want to fly,' Michelle cried. 'Be a girl in the sky and sleep on white clouds,” she said. “Sail across one hundred nights into days. Feel like I’m swimming, flipping through Chesapeake Bay. Play guitar for twinkling stars. Use angel wings instead of cars.' These words stuck against Jude’s ears as pictures flashed before him. He shook his head in dismay, looked past her face, then walked away. 'When you are with me, we’re flying,' that beautiful maiden whispered. 'Because you’re mine, this is wonderland. We make love just holding hands.' Lonely boy moving past people will never know."

This is how you make me feel.
But you'll never know.


Michelle R said...

I am already sure you know what an amazing vivid writer you are. we both share the same habit of writing. :)
I love the poem!

p.s my dad named me after the beatles song michelle, my belle. LOL

bria ballerina said...

Awh, thanks, Michelle!
I love writing, and it's such a strange thing because I don't want to be a writer or anything. But it's one of my vices.
And it really depresses me that we never do enough poem writing in English. :(

But I remember you telling me that you were named after the Beatles song, you lucky girl!


Michelle R said...

wow you remember that?
thats cool lol.
i agree, I always find myself writing during math class...
i'm such a slacker.
too many thoughts I still want to write.