Sunday, September 06, 2009

SWEATY DANCER ALERT! (jessica king + brad taylor classes!!)

I've been looking forward to today for at least a month!! And I'm so glad that I was told about today because I would put today on repeat.

Today I took classes from Brad Taylor + Jessica King!! Brad Taylor started out, and he dove right in with some smooth and sassy moves to "Rockin' That S*&^" by The Dream. It was so smooth and sexy, and trust me, I'm no hip hop dancer, but I felt like I was hitting all the right moves! He even called on me to do it again in front of the class. It made me smile.
Then he moved on to some nasty and dirty moves to "A Milli" by Lil' Wayne. B-rad has so much swagger that we were all mesmerized by the way he dances. He's all about the beats, and if it wasn't for him, I probably wouldn't have even noticed the beats and rhythms of "A Milli". So rad. His class had me sweating within the first 5 minutes, and I was soaked by the end of the two hours. I looked like I just hopped out of the shower, I was that sweaty! I love feeling like that though because I really don't care what I look like. It's all about what I feel like when I'm working on those nassstyyy moves, ha! He was soaked through his sweatpants, and he's extremely skinny. I really wish I got a video of me doing his choreo, but I wasn't thinking! Ugh, but I'll share this rad video of some other choreo that he did. Two hours with him flew by, and he had to jet because of his flight back to LA!

Then Jessica was downstairs working on the routine for our class, and she came up and took pictures before class. She was so tough on us even before class started! She told us that she was trained in Cechetti! I never knew that! Her choreography is beautiful, and I loved what she did with us today. It was to a song by Gavin Degraw called "I Have To Thank You". Thank goodness I remembered to video tape it because I loved it so much. She told us to think about seeing our mom or dad for the first time in a year or two, and not to think of a boy. DO NOT THINK OF A BOY! I kept saying that to myself the whole hard is it to focus on your mom when a boy that's stolen your heart is miles and miles away from you? Focus! And not on a boy...Jessica told us that flying messes up ones equilibrium, and today I was so on my balance. Poor Jessica, she must've been jetlagged or something. She gave us all so much advice for auditions and what choreographers want. It was so good for her to be there and tell us what it's like. I just wish that I could've had a sit down with her. Alas, it wasn't possible at all. She had to ditch for her flight as well. Busy busy girl...I can't wait until that day when all I have to worry about is making it to some flight and not some stupid English project due Tuesday (eep!). Just being in the same room as Jessica and watching her dance was amazing. She has so much fire and so much experience. It was so inspiring for her to be here. And she's from Myrtle Beach! I didn't know that either!
This last picture is the whole group after 4 hours of intense, sweaty, and fearless dancing. I think we all look beautiful. Glistening artists. If you look hard enough you can see Jessica squeezed in there right before she escaped for her flight! She looked so cute in her outfit.

Even though they weren't really looking for new dancers or anything, I wanted Jessica + Brad to notice me so much. It's just not enough for me to walk into a class and not have the teacher not notice me. But I could tell they were really stressed out and freaking out about their flights...maybe?
Enjoy the vids!! I loved today. Get down and dirty. Discover your swagger. Sweat through your sweatpants. Hug your mom. Wear ridiculous socks. Be fearless.


"i have you to thank for making me so hard to please because you treated me so good...because of you, girl, I never want to break up."
Choreography by: Jessica King
Song: "I Have to Thank You" by Gavin Degraw


Kristen said...

damn bria. you're so good. like seriously, i dont even know what to say. thats just amazing.


Simply Sarah™ said...

wow. you're really good. i wish i could dance like that!

glad you had a good time. :]

bria ballerina said...

thanks guys!!! I had such a blast!!


Anonymous said...

Bria!!! You are sooo good! :D Seriously, I think you're even better than the other girls...I can tell that you're at a whole different's incredible the way you control your body, the other girls just look they're going to fall down any second, but you, you look as if you were about to take off and fly at any second haha!

I should probably introduce myself, since I never left you a comment before: My name's Ariana, I'm 20, I'm from south america and I've been reading your blog for quite some time now. I always read keltie's blog, and that's how i found out about yours.
After seeing this I just felt like I had to say something :) Keep up with the hard work, Bria! You're gonna be huge! :D

bria ballerina said...

Nice to meet you Ariana!!
Your words brought (good) tears to my eyes. I feel so inspired when people tell me I inspire them, so thank you!
Whenever I dance, I do feel like I'm flying. Maybe people are finally seeing that... ;)
Thank you for being a part of my journey + keep following me along!!


BabaBroja said...

Wow, that was a really good dance :)

What type of dance/dance class was that?

btw I am very jealous of your dance skills.