Tuesday, September 15, 2009

'till next time.

"nobody puts baby in the corner."

Patrick Swayze.
The first real man I ever fell in love with.
I watched "Dirty Dancing" at a very young age (who cares if it's dirty? It's dancing. It's passion. We should all experience something like it...). And I loved it from the start. He was so suave + beautiful, and when he started to dance he wooed me with his swaying hips. I thought the fact that his last name had "sway" in it went perfect with his captivating hip swaying. Men wanted to be him. Girls wanted him. I wanted to be Baby so bad after the first time I saw "Dirty Dancing". I still want to be Baby. I want to find that boy who will dance with me because he loves me. Not because he has to or because he wants to get all over me. But because he just wants to hold me to make sure I don't get away. That he won't lose me...
But what I found most fascinating about Mr. Swayze was that he was a dancer, an artist, above anything else. He studying ballet and even made it to the Joffrey school of Ballet. You just don't find a man that graceful who can also play a gangster boy.

"you just don't stop living because you lose somebody."
I cried when I found out that Patrick Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The dumbest thing you can tell someone that's dying is to hold on. I just realized that because if they never let go, then they'll never live. Patrick Swayze lived, and he still lives on. Until the next time I see you, Patrick. Dance.
Until the next time I see you, it won't be the same. We're trying too hard now. You need to move on because it seems to me that I'm doing a better job of that than you are. I never thought it would ever get to this point, but it has. I'm ready. You're not.
'Till next time.

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