Saturday, September 05, 2009

wish you were here.

I am so excited to be dancing with this girl tomorrow.
I can't wait for her to give us a warm up and teach us a combo. It's going to be the greatest thing ever. I'm going to try to bring my camera and maybe she'll let us take pictures with her? Please?
I'm also thinking about mentioning about Chelsie and then connecting it with Keltie. I wonder if she knows Keltie...Keltie, does Jessica King know you? Ha, if not, I'll let her know. ;)

I realized that:
-I love ripping off + switching the letter keys on my laptop keyboard
-I can't wait to live in New York.
-in three weeks it's the museum show.
-in 4 weeks it will be Ties/Homecoming.
-I can't go a whole weekend without seeing you. Wish you were here.


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