Thursday, October 01, 2009


"i like that confidence."

I had fun being a flamingo today on Animal Day. I wore an old pair of pointe shoes all day and whenever someone asked me what I was, I got up en pointe and strutted around like a flamingo. I was missing a pink feather boa, and I should've asked Keltie to let me borrow hers from when she was Lil' P, but it didn't even hit me until after I had gotten all dressed in pink. There were a load of great costumes today. I'm so glad that I dressed up all week. Next year, my senior year, I'm gonna go all out. So excited!

I won't lie. I was miserable today. I kind of forced myself to go to school to make myself think that I was feeling better. However, I ended up getting a fever later on in the day. It didn't help much that I was at school all day. I continued off to rehearsal, but I didn't dance. I used the opportunity to watch for some corrections + get some photography in. I even got my hair done so that they have an idea of what to do with it for the next couple of days. Mark is so amazing with hair. He says, "The hair speaks to me." Just tell him that you want something pretty, he'll make it gorgeous. Tell him you want something glamorous yet simple, he'll give you something red carpet worthy. So amazing. He made my hair tonight into a "hair bow". I love it.
It was different being in the audience for the first night of dress rehearsal. Definitely a place I don't want to be in right now, but it's better that I'm there now rather than Saturday. I began to feel better as the night went on, and now I'm just exhausted. I'm ready for bed, and I'm ready to rest up for Saturday.

Today is also Pedro's birthday.
He has done so much for me. When I was disappointed in myself thinking that I couldn't do anything, he gave me private lessons to help me work on the little things. I improved so much after that. He challenged me by giving me parts that I thought I couldn't handle, but he pushed me to the point where I wasn't even afraid to dance it in the streets. He has done so much for us as a company. He brings out the best in everyone, and he brings a smile to everyone's face. He makes sure everyone is happy. He has a mind of imagination + brilliance and an eye for greatness. Thank you for everything, Pedro.

"life is beautiful. music is beautiful. pedro is beautiful!"

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