Friday, October 02, 2009


"i owe you a plaid skirt. it's in my car."

Today was the day to show our school spirit!! I did some awesome two-toned eye makeup that made me feel like Lady Gaga. Our school is so awesome when it comes to school spirit. There are people that paint their whole body blue + gold. So rad. The pep rally was extremely fun. There was a dance off for one of the class competitions, and I kinda wish they had picked me because I would've killed it, ha! I think the best part was the Powderpuff cheerleaders. The juniors (my class) had the best Powderpuff cheerleaders. Those boys were really shakin' their junk, ha!
But I also loved seeing you running around the gym with a Titan costume on getting the whole school excited for the game tonight. It was funny seeing you in a blonde wig and in a Catholic girl's skirt. You are something else...and I love it.

Tonight I actually got to dance in dress rehearsal. I think all of your prayers worked. I'm feeling a lot better, but I'm still having an awful cough + the fever will not go away. The fact that I'm feeling better is good enough for me. I just need my body to follow. I'm chugging this huge jug of Pomegranate juice. I actually finished the whole thing, ha! And I think it's really helping. So if you're ever feeling under the weather, drink some pomegranate or acai berry juice. It'll get all those toxins out of your body. Anyways, the rehearsal went well. I think we're as ready as we'll ever be, and I always believe that miracles happen in the theatre. I truly do. Maybe tomorrow I won't have to run offstage to cough up my lung. Maybe tomorrow I won't run out of breath just a few steps into the dance. Maybe tomorrow Courtney's toe won't hurt anymore. Miracles happen in magical places. Especially the theatre.

After rehearsal, I jetted off to the Homecoming game to catch the last quarter. When I got there we were winning, but I just got there in time to see the other team score. So, we lost. For the fourth time in a row, we've lost our Homecoming game. And I thought that we were good this season...oh well. I still love seeing you in that Titan costume. It makes you look even more stronger than you are. If that's even possible.

Tomorrow I'll be off to both of the shows + the homecoming dance! It's going to be one hectic day! My feet will be yelling at me, but I don't care.

I wish I could've gone to get ice cream with you tonight.
See you tomorrow on the dancefloor.

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