Saturday, October 10, 2009

happy birthday to me!

it's amazing how some things just don't change.

I am sixteen today! I sure don't feel like it, but I'm so glad to finally be able to say that I'm sixteen. I feel like that I should say a lot of philosophical stuff about growing up and getting older, but all I can say right now is that I love my life. I have the best family, the greatest friends, and a passion that I will make my life.

I spent most of my birthday at rehearsal. I forced myself to go through the entire warm up class while coughing + wheezing. It really surprised people how much I wanted to be there. I was surprised that I didn't show up all week as much as I wanted to, I couldn't. But today's rehearsal was just wonderful. We finished snow, and we even started working on Marzipan. I really forced myself through rehearsal, but there were a few times that I just knew that my body would thank me later if I sat out for a bit. My mother surprised me at rehearsal with a huge box of cupcakes for me to share with the girls. I knew that the girls appreciated some food after a long day of rehearsal.

Then, my family took me out to my favourite restaurant: this fabulous Mediterranean place called Isaac's. The piano man played me happy birthday. I ate my heart out + drank so much diet coke I think I might explode. I've gotten a ton of money for my birthday.

Now that I'm sixteen and ready to start being an "adult", I'm going to take all this birthday money, open up myself an account, and the first thing I'm going to buy is a ticket to see the Rockettes this Christmas season!


does this girl look sixteen to you?


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday !
Seems like you had a good time :) I thought I was younger than you... But I'm not. That impresses me even more because you're wiser than me + you have better legs (nothing to do with your age here, I just felt like saying it; I'm jealous haha).
I hope you'll get to see the Rockettes ! I'd kill to see them, but my parents will never let me go to the USA... They already hate to let me go to Lyon which is 2 hours away from my town by train --' I'll see them when I'm 18 !
Bye <3

bria ballerina said...

Thank you so much!
It's strange to say, but I honestly think that I'm wiser than most 16 year olds. I'm still not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it's just the way it is. Ha, great legs are part of the job haha.
Yes, I'm really hoping to see the Rockettes because I've got so many shows coming up that I don't know if I'll have a free weekend to go, eep! But I'm hoping to find one!
Thanks again for the bday wishes.


Anonymous said...

I'm a dancer as well, but I still hate my legs haha. But I don't think I dance half as much as you do, not enough time on my hands :( I used to dance more often. I kinda miss those times.
Most of my friends are 16 or older, but you really seem wiser than 90% of them... Which is not good nor bad, it just is. If it's who you are, who cares if it's a good or a bad thing? I love to read your entries, they make me smile. And they make me think. I like it :)