Tuesday, October 20, 2009

sans limites.

"my motto: sans limites (without limits)."--isadora duncan

I don't want to live my life with limits anymore. No more boundaries to tell me where I can't go. To tell me where to stop.
Lately I've been feeling like there are so many things just blocking me off from what I truly want to do. And I've been letting those things just stop me. Lately I've been feeling like my life has just come to a complete stop. Just doing the same thing everyday. Not moving on. Not moving forward. I want nothing more than to move on. I want nothing more than to keep on moving. To be free from this same old same old. I'm not going to let little things prevent me from taking big steps. Not anymore.

Remember last year during Nutcracker season when I was casted for a kickline for a show called Holiday Pops? Well, we're doing that kickline again, and I'm so happy that I'm casted for it again. It was so fun, and I couldn't help but giggle and squeal at the fact that I was kicking away just like Keltie, Nicole, and the rest of the gorgeous Rockettes. I put the video up on YouTube, and Keltie even watched it and gave us some pointers! Unfortunately, I had to take those videos down earlier this year by the request of my director. Now, he tells me that he might need the video that I took because he doesn't remember the choreo, and if he can't remember, we'll have to rechoreograph the entire thing! I'm digging through files upon files that I've got on my computer to find that video because that choreo was just so cute and amazing. We're staying an extra hour at this weekend's rehearsal to get the choreo started. Our first performance of the kickline is November 7th! Starting a bit late? I think so. But we can do it.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but the performance that I was supposed to do on October 31st is now cancelled. Pedro went to look at the space where we were supposed to dance, and he said that it was 1. EXTREMELY small to dance in 2. worse than concrete. Dancing in a velvet black dress + Tina Turner wig on a small concrete space does not sound very fun to me.

i'd like to show you these streets.
i'd like to go to new york with you.
i'd like to wrap my arms around you and say that i hope so too.
when you say, "yes, i think that everything is gonna be all right someday, somehow."

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