Saturday, November 21, 2009

from the nutcracker ball

"bria, i love the bevel."

Tonight was the magical + magnificent night known as the Nutcracker Ball.
It was a night of beautiful dancing, intense fundraising, and endless fun.
The day started out with an early rehearsal at 9 o' clock. The group of us that were attending the ball had brought our fancy dresses and high heels to the studio. All day we couldn't stop thinking about how fun tonight would be. It was a little hard to focus during the short rehearsal that we had today, but we made it through. We spent a lot of time on the Waltz of the Flowers. Today was the last time we were rehearsing as just a company, because next time we rehearse, we're going to have all the extras so the studio will be packed and there won't be much time to for cleaning. It's so hard to believe that Nutcracker is in 3 weeks. We're in such good shape right now. We are so ahead and so close to be ready for the stage. I just can't wait for the show.

The people in these pictures are just a few reasons why I love the life + career I live. Another chunk of reasons why I love my life is a large number of people that I've never met. Tonight really made me realize that we have the greatest group of people that supports a small company like ours could ever ask for. We don't ask for much, but we get so much more in return. We dance because we love it, and we touch so many peoples' lives without even realizing it. And when people recognize that they've never seen or felt anything like this before, they want to keep it in their lives. So they support us. It's just so nice to know that so many people are willing to give us so much. We can never express how thankful and grateful we are for that. It makes everything so worth while.

Both of my parents were to attend tonight's festivities. But my mother ended up not having anything to wear and not feeling well, so my father came alone. But not quite! I became his date for the evening. It's so strange because after looking through all the pictures from tonight, I look like I'm 20 years old. I've never seen myself look so mature. So grown up. It just goes to show that time flies.

My papa and I shared several dances tonight. He showed me up a few times, and I was convinced that I got my dancing talent from him. My dad said, "When you dance with me, you have to spin a lot." He pulled out some Michael Jackson-like moves, and I was left laughing and smiling at how much fun my dad was having. How much fun I was having. I can honestly say that my dad was the best dancing date I've ever had. After all the fun, I ended up having to drive my daddy home (if you know what I mean). We came to the conclusion that we had a great time together tonight, but it would've been even better if my mom was there.

Tonight, I felt so amazing and beautiful. And it's been a while since I've felt that way.

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