Saturday, November 07, 2009

my life is defined by boob sweat + crusty fake eyelashes.

"let me slip into something a little more christmas-y!"

Today was the one year anniversary of the Taubman art museum downtown, and it was marathon of dancing!
Yesterday, we had a full dress rehearsal. And frankly, I didn't do so well. I was forgetting steps. My fouettes were rubbish. And all I could think was: "I'm not ready". Thankfully, I'm constantly surrounded by people that are just as (if not more) driven than I am, and they always have faith in other people (just like I do). The girls around me, and my director, Pedro, had the highest hopes for me and believed in me when I couldn't even believe in myself. I had tears in my eyes, yet when I laid down to sleep that night, I was finished with that day. There was nothing else I could do but get some rest and hope for the best.

We started today off with the usual warm up, but I was a wee bit late because I had to get the flu virus shot up my nose. (Get those vaccines, kids!) And we left for the museum speedy quick to do a little bit of tech + spacing. Our usual dressing room has been switched to a giant abandoned elevator. At first it was really sketchy to think that we were in an elevator, but after a while, you couldn't even tell that you were in an elevator. Before I even got into costumes or makeup, I practiced my fouettes on stage. They weren't the best they could be, but they were better than yesterday that's for sure. And all I could think was: "You can do it, Bria. You are fearless." I then went on my iTouch to check my horoscope, and it said something along the lines of: "You're feeling a little doubtful today. If you just believe in yourself, you will be able to do it." And that definitely helped me prepare myself for the crazy show ahead of me.
And let me just say that the entire day I was channeling my best friend, Dylan. She's the most relaxing + chill person you will ever meet. And our backstage capitan, Mrs. Munson, pointed out to me that I was just like her when it was about 15 minutes to the top of the show, and I wasn't even done with my makeup yet. I mean, it's probably not the greatest thing to not be ready 15 minutes before the top of the show, but it felt good feeling like my best friends for an entire show. The show started with "Sabor Latino", a spicy + sassy jazz piece. It went swimmingly, and then after that was where the mayhem erupted. From that point on, I was running a marathon of dancing and quick changes that never seemed to end.
It's so weird because when you're backstage, a full, 2 minute piece seems like 5 seconds backstage. But I want to thank all the hands that helped me slip out of and get hooked into every costume. Also, I'd like to note that it's very hard to put on some costume when you're wet and sticky from sweat.
Thankfully, my fouettes in Marzipan went even better in the performance. I didn't get them all, but I saved it and made it look good. I just couldn't believe that I still had energy at that point! Also, at this point, my arches were cramping up like crazy and my breathing was off. But good thing I can put on a fabulous smile on top of it all!

I finally got to take a breath right before Jingle Bells kickline because the Grand Pas from The Nutcracker was going on. I took my time which seemed a little strange at the time. I also made great use of a prop by using the Chinese fans to cool off for a bit. And there's nothing I love more than slipping into a full, red, spandex body suit and a Santa hat at the end of a great show. And I was just being a good friend and reminded everyone that we still had 3 more hours of rehearsal after the show. You're welcome ladies!

And I'd just like to say that my mom is the best audience member in the world. She is always the first one to start clapping. She is always the first one to stand up at the end of the show. She is always the only one clapping with her hands above her head. Why did I even worry about some boy coming to show when I could have the best audience member there instead? Also, she knows that sushi after a show and right before more rehearsals makes my day absolutely perfect.

It's shows like this. Days like this. That remind me why I do this. Why this career chose me. It's not everyday that I get to do 3 quick changes in one show. It's not everyday that I get to do a jazz dance, a modern dance, a classical ballet dance, and a kickline in one show. It's not everyday that the only thing I'm worrying about is if I'll get out of my costume quick enough. It just feels so right to be one place with so much focus and so much passion. I might not be at the height of my career quite yet, but I feel so lucky to be following my dream with a clear-as-it-can-be path ahead of me. I would NEVER EVER have it any other way.

At the moment: my feet hate me. Very very very much.

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