Wednesday, November 25, 2009

not so nice.

It's sad to know that people like me seem to get punished for being nothing but nice + friendly. I'm an extremely bubbly person, and I always believe in a good first impression. I present myself as best as I can, but to some people, at first meeing, I might seem as if I'm trying too hard or being stuck up. And most people never get to know me well enough to know that that's just the way I am. And even if they didn't give me a chance, I'm not going to change just because a few people didn't like the way I am.
It seems like today's society doesn't choose to see the good in people anymore. It seems as if all first impressions consist of seeing the flaws before the great things. It seems as if everything is bad until proven good. I mean, it's understandable why most people would not expect the good at first. We're surrounded by liars, cheats, and temptation, and most of us have learned that nothing but dispair + pain comes from those things. So we tend to expect that out of everyone before they prove themselves otherwise.

Look at me. I've been hurt in a way that I never expected someone like me to be hurt. But I still choose to see nothing but the good in everyone I meet. It's the total opposite with me. You're good until proven bad. Most of the time, we don't give each other a chance to prove ourselves to each other. Most of the time, it's because we're afraid of being hurt. For the nth time.

I don't know where things went wrong, but I only meant well. I always have good intentions. But when those intentions were twisted by some surreptitious plan, then things got jumbled up and confusing. It came to a point where lies = the truth. Instead of reality becoming dreams; it became the total opposite: a nightmare feigned by these said good intentions.

I don't want to change the way I am.
Because I'd rather have the faith in people that they don't even have in themselves to make things right. I know that people will appreciate that soon.

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