Friday, November 20, 2009

stop being right. start being true.

"when the strong are too weak to hurt the weak, the weak have to be strong enough to leave."--from the unbearable lightness of being; by milan kundera

Life is full of coincidences and luck. Life is constantly giving us things that we don't expect because it wants us to take those things and do with them what we want. But the one thing that we can't do is get mad at life. Life is the only thing we have. Out of everything (friends, possessions, family), life is the only thing that we have in the end. And we have to treasure it. We have to trust it because life is one big risk.

As humans, we are such hypocrites. We always worry about being right and saying things that make sense. But we always end up doing things that aren't right no matter what your morals are, and we end up saying things that doesn't fit in the context of this world. We think way too much, and that creates fear. We fear things that are not reality because it's not "real". The hypocrisy comes into play when the reality is that things such as karma, beauty, magic, and love really do exist. And the ignorance comes into play when we say that we've never experienced such things. But there is no point in being afraid of things that are real because they're going to happen anyways. You don't even have to look. They're all around you.

I think we need to stop worrying about being "right" or "wrong" or "bad" or "good". Being true makes more sense. Because when you're true, you are a statement of everything that makes sense and exists. To be truly "true" you have to be true to yourself and the world around you. People make happiness seem like such a difficult thing to acheive in today's society. People want to complicate their lives and create this feeling of despair and sadness. Just to have something to complain about. But being true + being happy go hand in hand. Be true because once that happens, the world around you and the people you know and come to meet will suddenly seem more beautiful and real.

Life may seem so complicated when you look at it.

But when you start living it, it's truly simple.

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