Sunday, November 08, 2009

"who else has perfect bevels?"

I took a Musical Theatre dance master class today, and the teacher asked "what's a bevel?". I proceeded to do what I was taught a bevel was, and she said, "That's was a bevel, but not a perfect bevel."
She then taught us how to do that "perfect" bevel and elaborated on the fact that Fosse was one of the greatest choreographers that ever lived. Then she asked, "Who else does perfect bevels?" and I shouted, "THE ROCKETTES!"
Yesterday I was channeling my best friend, and today I became Keltie.

I haven't had much of a dance career yet, but I've already learned so much from guest teachers + reading/researching online. And today that really paid off. One thing that I've learned along the way is that no matter where you're going, a class or an audition, always bring all your shoes. Ballet shoes, jazz shoes, pointe shoes, tap shoes, character shoes. Because you can never know what the teacher/auditioner will ask you to do, and there's no shame in being over prepared. Also, always carry an extra pair of tights and extra leo on your dance bag. I've had many instances where girl problems and last minutes rips and tears make taking a dance class impossible because you didn't have an extra pair of tights or another leotard. However, today I wasn't prepared on the extra pair of tights deal because I brought a pair of tights that were extremely too small on me, so I had to go tights-less today. I love being tights-less, but I was also bottom-less, so I had to borrow a pair of shorts from my other best friend, Sarah.

But what I also learned today is that you can never be "over-talented". For the longest time, I thought that I was trying to be an over-acheiver by trying do everything. Dance, write, paint, play music, write music, sing, draw, crochet, etc, etc, etc...but these days, everyone is always looking for more. In this world called show-biz, directors are looking for dancers who can sing and singers who can dance. These days you really can't limit yourself anymore to just one thing if you REALLY want to make it out there. I've learned so much because I've opened my eyes to something that I really want, and I'm going to make it happen.

The rest of my night consists of:
-ice bath for my angry feet
-my snuggie
-hot tea
-late night guitar playing
-and more Fosse

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