Wednesday, December 23, 2009

eve's eve.

The other day, I made a keychain. It was actually one of those keychains with the little plastic pieces that let you put a picture in it. But I didn't put a picture in it. I put all the fortunes I got from fortune cookies that I've kept. Ones that inspire me and keep me looking to the future. I'm going to have my license by the end of next week. And I'll be looking at my set of keys many times in the next forever, so I'm glad I can look down at then look right back up. When I'm out on the road to nowhere, I'll know that I know where I'm going in life. Call me cheesy, but sometimes the best inspiration comes from the smallest things. Even those funny little fortune cookie papers that tell you how to say "apple" in chinese.

You know that it's really break when you lose track of what day it is. I love losing myself in time and spending all day with a guitar and a few words to sing. Someone once told me that you are most inspired when you feel pain. Why is it that we remember the pain before we remember the happiness? I guess it's that thing where you don't realize what you've got until it's gone. You don't realize how much time you've got until it's gone. You don't know how happy you are until you're sad.

I like this girl a lot.

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