Thursday, December 10, 2009



Today I got to stay home from school to sleep. I definitely needed my rest. I knew that if I made myself go to school then I would just be making myself more sick. Which definitely can't happen. I spent the day cuddling up with my pup and drinking coffee. I was in a coffee mood today.
Tonight was the final dress rehearsal. And frankly, it wasn't my best. I keep freaking out for nothing. I have pretty big roles this year, and I keep psyching myself out thinking that I won't be able to do it. When I definitely know I can. I am fearless. That's all I'm going to be telling myself for the next 72 hours or so.

This is the new Dewdrop tutu, and I love it so much! It's absolutely gorgeous, and I can't stop feeling beautiful in it. The woman who made it, Mrs. Long (the mother of the greatest dancer I know, Jordan-Elizabeth Long), is so skilled when it comes to costume making. Everything she touches turns into gold. Beautiful, glittery, tulle-y gold. Tonight she said to my mom, "Bria is a very strong dancer. She's doing so well. She's very confident when she dances." When my mom told me she had said this, I started crying. Mrs. Long is the mother to a very graceful, gorgeous, and extremely successful ballerina, so knowing that she said this about me just made me feel amazing. I was so happy, I started crying.

I'm tired, but just a few more things to say:
-Skippy is pretty much the greatest person ever. 1. He called me asking me why I was late to rehearsal today. 2. He gave me a Cowtale after rehearsal without knowing that I love them with a passion.
-I have been dubbed Dylan II by Munson. I don't think I've ever had a better nickname.
-Who knew that cute kids in little mice costumes could be somewhat frightening?
-Maybe I should stop looking for you.
-I still haven't gotten my onesie, and I'm very upset by this.
-People need to stop being so hard on themselves. Including me.
-Your pointe shoes are extremely dead, Bria. Good. Job.
-Stage makeup seriously hates me.
-The best part of my night = him: "Ok so when am I seeing you?" me: "I don't know, when would you like to see me?" him: "Right now."



Alex said...

Last good thing said to me:
"I like your pants."
Way to go, Alex, way to go.

Alex said...


Love Always,