Tuesday, December 22, 2009

girls' day out!

"i love to see a young girl go out and the world by the lapels. life's a bitch. you've got to go out and kick ass."--maya angelou

The first few days of break are always slow. I guess it's a little bit of a snowball effect. No pun intended.
Yesterday I started my driving lessons required to get my license. And so far, I'm doing really well. Not any bad marks so far. I'm a good driver I think. Hopefully I'll be done with lessons next week and can get my road test done at the same time. Then get my license! It's so weird seeming all growed up. I remember being little and pretending to drive a car on the patio furniture in my backyard. I just can't believe it will happen in just about a week! I guess it's all part of time and getting older.
But today, after today's driving lesson, I came to watch my dad's truck get towed away. So that's the other part about growing up. Being in situations like that. We weren't causing a scene or anything being in the parking lot on the main road right by my house. People that I know passing by seeing my dad's truck being towed. But what else am I supposed to say besides, "It happens." ? I just don't want to know what would happen if I was stuck and had to get towed...

After that bit of adventure, I had a date with some stinky rollerblades + the girls that sit at my lunch table. We made sure to spend a day all together before one of them leaves for Cancun tomorrow! Lucky duck. We all got together at the local skating rink and jammed out while skating around and around. Who knew getting sweaty and stinky with some girlfriends could be so fun?! I didn't even bother to think if a boy would enjoy something like this. It didn't even cross my mind because I was so looking forward to spending a full day with my girls.

And while I was speeding around the rink, a boy sent me a text message. Asking me what I was up to tonight and if there was room for him in those plans. Usually I would be flattered and obliged to go out with him. But in all honesty, I didn't want to think about boys for a whole day. I was so much in the moment that a little date didn't even sound like fun to me. I liked it. The last time I felt like that was 6th grade. When I would rather go laser tagging than go "hang out" with a boy.
Today was a good day.

I bet you can figure out which arm I am...

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